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Jean-Christophe Le Toquin
President CyAN
Maelle LeLardic
Secretary General CyAN
Christian Aghroum
Vice-President CyAN
Jonathan Bourguignon
Secretary CyAN
Hein Dries-Ziekenheiner
Treasurer CyAN / management consultant in cybersecurity
Peter Coroneos
Regional Head Asia Pacific CyAN
Yul Bahat
Communication Director CyAN / Strategic consulting. Awareness Programs. Advisory to start-ups.
Gergely (Greg) Dzsinich
Board member / Policy and Regulatory
Cyril Pineau-Valencienne
Board member CyAN
Nour-Hedine El Bouhati
Cybersecurity and risk management consultant
Daniela Fabian
Attorney at Law
Monika Josi
Cybersecurity advisor
Jean-Philippe Noat
Computer forensic & security specialist
Yoann Duhamel
Corinne Thierache
Attorney at law
Abdul-Hakeem Ajijola
Innovative Information Entrepreneur
Thomas Fontvielle
Data sharing and threat intelligence advisor
Georges Smine
Start-up advisor in cybersecurity
Cathie-Rosalie Joly
Attorney at law
Hervé Wolff
Attorney at law
Françoise Sance
Consultant in crisis management
Quentin Aoustin
Lawyer and Technical Manager
Ali El Azzouzi
Information security strategist
David Bizeul
Threat intelligence specialist
Jerome Saiz
Adviser in business security
Ton van Gessel
Adviser in cybersecurity
Olivier Velin
Consultant in IT Security and Privacy
Jean Mathy
Philosophical counselor
Garance Mathias
Attorney at Law
Alain Sevilla
Expert in Digital Risk Management
René Picon-Dupré
Human Resources Expert
Laszlo Molnar
consultant in cybersecurity capacity building
Pierre Barre
IT security Researcher
Tatiana Tropina
Researcher and trainer in cybersecurity
Adel Jomni
Researcher in cybersecurity
Thomas Rickert
Attorney at law
Gilberto Martins de Almeida
Adviser on normative architecture
Cormac Callanan
Strategic adviser on cybersecurity, privacy and cybercrime
Gokhan Gokce
Attorney at law
Markko Kunnapu
Legal Adviser
Andrew Lewman
Cybersecurity adviser specialised in darknet and P2P technologies
Richard LaMagna
Cybersecurity strategy consultant
Gunter Dufey
Consultant on risk management with focus on cybersecurity
Khadidja Goulain
Strategic Adviser in competitive intelligence and cybersecurity
Yvon Le Roux
strategic adviser to international businesses on cybersecurity
Véronique Dagois
Consultant in cyber risk audit, cyber crisis management training and cyber/ IT loss adjusting
Jeff Middleton
Strategic adviser in critical IT infrastructure
Zahri Yunos
Chief Operating Officer, CyberSecurity
Goran Oparnica
consultant in digital forensic investigation and cybercrime
Olivier Allaire
consultant in cybersecurity scorecard and risk management
Véronique Feingold
consultant in technology sourcing&scouting
Christophe Caupenne
Expert in Negotiation and Crisis management
Jean-Yves Boisbluche
Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery Plan consultant
Matthieu Camus
Privacy expert (cybersecurity and data protection)
Kent Lockyer
Network and Cloud Security Advisor
B. Hacker
Arnaud Gressel
Insurance Broker
Pierre Noel
Pawel Sawicki
Lionel Catto
Data Protection Legal Counsellor
Elena Kaiser
Data Protection Legal Counselor
Pierre Desmarais
Lawyer and IS risk analyst
Vivek Shah
Digital Forensics and Incident Response Specialist
Sarah Jane Mellor
Consultant in Strategic Communications
Andrew Constantine
Private Advisor to CIOs
Kemal Veli Açar
Cybercrime International Cooperation Manager
Estelle De Marco
ICT legal and ethical issues specialist