Thokozani Chimbe

Lawyer in ICT & Cybersecurity

I provide my clients with strategic, legal and regulatory advice on cybersecurity

Status: Legal Expert

Member Since: September 2015

Languages: English

Geographic Coverage: International with special interest in Africa (COMESA & SADC regions). Based in Blantyre, Malawi.

My Clients are: Governments, public and private institutions.

What I do: I provide strategic, legal and regulatory advice on cybersecurity. I also specialize in legislative drafting of cyber related legal instruments.

How it helps: I help my clients, public authorities and industry alike recognize that cybersecurity is a global concern requiring specific action. Developing cybersecurity national and internal business strategies is key to enhancement of cybersecurity. Supporting and developing harmonized legal and regulatory frameworks is key to international cooperation in securing the cyberspace, mitigating and fighting against cyber crimes.

My background: Graduate of Masters in Computer and Communications Law with specialization in cyberspace, computer, e- commerce and telecommunications law. In addition to a general law background, I possess legislative drafting qualifications. Have worked for the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) since 2002, providing legal and regulatory advice as well as legislative drafting expertise on ICT. I was the key technical expert in the development of the Electronic Transactions and cyber security Bill in Malawi. I therefore bring almost a decade of legal expertise in helping public authorities and the private sector in combating cybercrime and enhancing cybersecurity.