Pierre Barre

– Status: IT security Researcher, CISSP certified

– Member since: April 2016

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Africa

– My clients are: Private companies and big ICT vendors.

– What I do: I find 0day vulnerabilities in IoT devices, virtualization and UNIX systems and work with vendors to patch the vulnerables systems. Mainly in Offensive Security, I do penetration tests, network and system audits. I like to organize trainings to share my knowledge in offensive security.

– How it helps: I believe that Offensive Security helps to understand different aspects of risks that will affect businesses and privacy. Notably, my researches have allowed me to find backdoors in several up-to-date systems.

– My background: After studying a master’s degree in Network and IT Security in EPITA, I worked at Winamax, an e-gambling company, as a Chief Information Security Officer. I, then, moved to Africa and it gave me a good opportunity to discover how IT Security works in the continent and to concentrate myself finding 0day vulnerabilities in IoT devices.

You can read my researches published at https://pierrekim.github.io/ .

My research topics include: information systems, software defined radio (2G, 3G, 4G), IoT, virtualization and backdoors.