Peter Eigbedion

Strategic communication consultant

I craft bespoke communication strategies and actual content for media placement

– Status: Founder and Creative Director, Bethphage. Bethphage is a perception management, strategic communications, and creative agency.

– Member since: September 2015

– Languages: English

– Geographical coverage: International. Based in Lagos, Nigeria.

– My clients are: Everyone that has a need to craft their messages skillfully so as to enhance the chances of a favourable reception by their target audience and better perception generally. My clients include individuals (ranging from high-profile public figures to the publicity-shy), businesses (ranging from Small and Medium Scale Enterprises to multi-national corporations), governments and government agencies, religious bodies, NGOs and sporting organizations. A lot of my recent work has been for clients seeking to communicate with the youth demographic (a demographic where I wield considerable influence and have had great success in strategically delivering content to).

– What I do: I craft bespoke communication strategies and actual content for media placement, and on occasion, I serve as a spokesperson, public advocate and ambassador for causes I’m aligned with. I also work in policy formulation, lobbying and implementation.

– How it helps: Well-crafted communication strategies are a key driver of progress. The work I do helps to foster cooperation, mitigate resistance and galvanize action towards the attainment of set goals.

– My background: I have worked in the media, entertainment and advertising sectors for over a decade. With the experience garnered and in response to evolving challenges globally, I transitioned into politics, cultural diplomacy and national security a few years ago. I have worked on four successful political campaigns (gubernatorial and presidential) and served as a security and crisis communications consultant to a government agency in Nigeria. I am currently actively involved in the domains of maritime security, cyber security and the use of media to foster global peace.