Nikoleta Lydaki Simantiri

Researcher in child safety online

I conduct research and provide legal advice on child safety online

– Status: Researcher in child safety online

– Member Since: October 2017

– Languages: English, French, Greek

– Geographic Coverage: International

– My Clients are: NGOs

– What I do: I conduct research and draft legal studies on child safety online issues, with more focus on online child sexual abuse and exploitation.

– How it helps: In the context of child sexual abuse and exploitation, NGOs design and implement programmes which aim at strengthening the protection of children against sexual abuse and exploitation in different countries in the world. Research studies, as part of these programmes, often provide an overview of the issue, present the international and national legal framework, while identifying gaps in addressing child sexual abuse and exploitation by local authorities and actors, as well as best practices. Research studies also provide guidance and recommendations for countries to formulate or improve their national response, and for specific stakeholders to take necessary action.

– My background: Graduate of Masters in Criminal Law and of University Diploma on “Cybercrime: Law, Information security, Computer Forensics and Electronic Investigation” at the University of Montpellier (France), I am currently PhD student in the area of online child sexual abuse and exploitation at the same university. I work as consultant in NGOs. I have also worked as intern at the Council of Europe’s Cybercrime Division and at Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3).