Markko Kunnapu

– Status: Legal Adviser at the Ministry of Justice of Estonia

– Member since: October 2016

– Languages: Estonian, English

– Geographic coverage: International, based in Tallinn, Estonia

– What I do: Consultation on policy and legal matters related to cybercrime and cybersecurity. Legal analysis, assistance in drafting policy documents or legislative instruments. Trainings.

– My background: I am working as an legal adviser in the Ministry of Justice of Estonia. Currently I am also the member of the Bureau of the Convention Committee on Cybercrime (T-CY). Between 2010-2014, I was the Chair of the Committee.

I graduated from the Law Faculty of Tartu University in 2001. After that, I worked in the Tallinn Police Prefecture as criminal investigator and in the Legal Department of the Ministry of Interior as an adviser. Since 2005, I am working in the Criminal Policy Department of the Ministry of Justice of Estonia. I have been involved in drafting several legislative proposals, including legislation concerning cybersecurity, cybercrime, identity theft and different aspects of criminal procedure.

I have participated in drafting the Estonian Governmental Cybersecurity Strategy and I am also a member of the Cybersecurity Commission of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

Since 2014 I am associated expert on cybercrime and cybersecurity at e-Governance Academy in Tallinn, Estonia. Since 2015 a lecturer on cybercrime and cybersecurity at the Tallinn Technical University in Tallinn, Estonia.

I have been a speaker at different national and international workshops and conferences as well as trainings on cybercrime and cybersecurity.