Jerome Saiz

Adviser in business security

I offer a fully-featured toolbox to help you secure your business

– Status: Founder and CEO at OPFOR Intelligence

– Member since :  October 2015

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: private & public companies of all size (depending on scope, mission and requirement I will work alone or with an ad-hoc team of trusted experts).

– What I do: Consulting+audit in IT & physical security – Security awareness and training programs – IT security benchmarking – Internal procedures review – Trade-shows and travel security planning – Close Protection consulting – Custom analysis.

– How it helps:  I’m a firm believer of the security continuum principle : Cyber and physical security do not live in isolation. Attackers will increasingly exploit whatever approach allow them to success regardless of departments, budget lines, office politics or hierarchy. Most companies, unfortunately, often still take a silo approach to security. OPFOR Intelligence wants to help organisations soften those silos and benefit form a more global approach to security. This is why we develop a borderless approach made of tools, knowledge and best practices in the human, legal and technical aspects of security. Competitive Intelligence, private investigation, legal analysis, internal & global communication, security awareness training, physical perimeter, premises security and cyber audits : with the help of a multi-disciplinary network of trusted independent experts, OPFOR Intelligence is a fully-featured toolbox to help you secure your business.

– My background: I graduated in corporate protection and Economic Intelligence from the french National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security and Justice (INHESJ), a french public research institute. I am certified by CNPP and the Confederation of Fire Protection Association Europe for physical security auditing. Before this, I graduated from journalism school and did extensive coverage of cybersecurity threats (15 years as a dedicated press analyst both in media & within IT security companies). I also trained as a Close Protection Officer at a major european training academy for which I am now the official contact point in France. This background “à la carte” offers me a unique and innovative view of organisations threats landscape. A view I now share as a consultant with my clients but also as a teacher with IT security students at the french EPITA engineering school.