Ido Sivan Sevilla

Technical and strategic cyber-security & privacy adviser

I provide 'hands-on' cyber-security consulting and advise governments on how to build a rounded cyber-security and privacy eco-system through regulation

– Status: PhD Candidate for Public Policy and Governance at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, studying the tension between security and privacy in cyberspace. I am also a Research Fellow at the cyber-security program of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS).

Member since: February 2017

– Languages: English and Hebrew

– Geographic Coverage: International: Based in Jerusalem, Israel. Services are provided according to clients’ expectations.

– What I do: Technical and strategic cyber-security & privacy consulting per project according to network infrastructure and organizational needs. I also provide regulatory advisory for governments on how to provide market incentives and ‘smart’ regulation in order to increase the resilience of cyberspace.

– How it helps: The scale of the cyber-security and privacy problem is constantly increasing for the public and private sectors. Modern societies are heavily dependent upon a robust cyberspace as organizational operations, competitiveness, and efficiency are challenged by the acceleration in digital connectivity and cheap data storage solutions. The boost of information processed online requires better technical solutions that are oriented with organizational strategy. At the same time, governments have to adapt and intelligently regulate the cyber-security and privacy problem. States should both improve rather than undermine the information economy, while also assure that cyberspace is a reliable medium for business and social interactions. I provide consulting for both types of problems – at the organizational level I assist with hands-on cyber-security implementations while at the state level I establish regulatory frameworks based upon the role of the government as a cyberspace risk manager.

– My background: I am a computer and social scientist. I had completed my BA with honors in computer science at the Technion – Israel’s Institute of Technology. I served as a Captain in the Israeli Air Force (IAF) and led the cyber-security team protecting IAF’s operational infrastructures. In the private sector I served as a product manager for the NextNine cyber-security firm. At the government level, I joined Israel’s Prime Minister Office to establish its cyber-security unit through the management of technical hands-on projects. I completed my MA in public policy through the U.S. State Department Fulbright Scholarship and worked as a research fellow in U.S. Congress at the House of Representative’s Science and Technology Committee. I also served as a research assistant for former USAID Charmain in the studying of U.S. regulatory institutions. My desire to collaborate between public policy and technological challenges continues with my current PhD Thesis on the tension between security and privacy in cyberspace risk regulatory regimes. I was named Israel’s Ministry of Science scholar and built honeypots infrastructures for a research project to learn about the behavior of hackers in online systems. Currently, I also serve as a Research Fellow in the cyber-security program of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) and study the regulatory and industry challenges in Israel’s eco-system of cyberspace through collaborations with the Israeli government.