Françoise Sance

Status: Founder and CEO of Cap Sirius SARL, consulting in crisis management and crisis communication, on and off line.

Member since: September 2015

Language: French, English, Spanish

Geographic coverage: France and International

My clients are: Institutions, professional Federations or companies (from international groups to local small and medium sized enterprises)

What I do: consulting when a company is hit by a crisis as well as preparation and training, elaboration of crisis management tools and digital crisis management plans, audits and coaching.

How it helps: being able to limit the impact of a crisis is crucial. A Company will never be blamed because it is hit by a crisis, but it can be sanctioned if its stakeholders consider that the crisis is not properly managed. This fact is even more important when the crisis is digital, which is more and more the case today.

My background: Founder and CEO of Cap Sirius counseling agency specialized in crisis management and crisis communication. I have been working as senior Consultant in crisis management since 2006. I did manage many crises for companies of all types and sizes, in different sectors of activities. I dealt with various kinds of crises: product deficiency, activists’ attacks, cyber criminality, whistleblowing, disruption of activity… I was previously Communication Manager in the aerospace sector, Matra Espace Défense (which became AIRBUS Space and Defence) and ARIANESPACE. I managed many crises for companies of all types and sizes. I am duly certified in professional coaching.