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President CyAN
I help my clients integrate cybersecurity in their strategy

– Status: Managing partner at SOCOGI SAS, management consulting on cybersecurity, cybercrime & privacy

– Member since :  Founding member

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: CxOs and board members of IT and cybersecurity companies, large and medium companies of all sectors (industry and banks), operating in France, Europe, and internationally, as well as public institutions (European Commission, Council of Europe).

– What I do: I provide strategic advice on cybersecurity, fight against cybercrime and privacy.

– How it helps: I help my clients to integrate cybersecurity in their business strategy, whether they need cybersecurity or they provide cybersecurity products and services. In our competitive environment, people are pushed to differentiate by going always deeper in their expertise. This trend leaves little time to think across disciplines, reconcile different approaches, leverage new skills, which undermines the capacity to succeed. By understanding the broader environment, with integrity and sustainability in mind, cybersecurity becomes a key component to achieve your goals.

– My background: From 2003 to 2013, I have been in charge of cybercrime matters (litigation, cooperation and capacity building) at Microsoft EMEA. Before, I was for 5 years the founding Director of the Internet Service Providers Association AFA and its hotline against illegal content Point de Contact. From 2009 to 2013 I reorganised the governance and chaired Signal Spam, a national platform against spam and phishing, turning it into a sustainable and respected public-private partnership. In total I bring more than 15 years of experience in helping industry and public authorities to improve cybersecurity and fight against cybercrime.

Management Consulting Cybersecurity Cybercrime Privacy
Secretary General CyAN
I help my clients design and plan their policy and societal engagements

– Status: Consultant in EU and French public affairs

– Member since :  Founding member

– Languages: French, English, Dutch

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: International or local companies, associations.

– What I do: strategic counseling, policy monitoring and messaging, policy analysis and audits, campaign planning, association and alliance management, media relations, engagement, advocacy, event management, training.

– How it helps: Public Affairs is an increasingly important part of everyday business. Indeed, public affairs activities help steer organisations across the political landscape so they are fully engaged with the relevant issues. It includes new legislations in the field of cybersecurity or the fight againt cybercrime, that can lead to a change in the way business is done.

– My background: I have been a consultant in public affairs since 2008, currently coordinating CyAN as Secretary General. From 2008 to 2013, I was based in Brussels and worked for the European and Belgian associations of Internet Services Providers, advising them on l issues related to cybercrime, data retention/protection, online frauds.

Public Affairs European Union Public Communications Cybersecurity
Vice-President CyAN
I help my customers design their global security strategy

– Status: Founder and CEO at SoCoA Sarl, consulting in security, cybersecurity and crisis management

– Member since :  Founding member

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

– My clients are: International or local companies, NGO.

– What I do: Strategic advices, training, audits, coaching, recruitment assistance on security, cybersecurity, fight against cybercrime, crisis management.

– How it helps: Undertaking means taking risks. In a global world, hyper-connected, interdependent, security is now a matter of specialists. A business oriented and synthetic approach is only possible together with a comprehensive security strategy. Global security is the ability to make reasoned proposals to policymakers, to effectively protect companies and its employees, its continuity and reputation. And this should be based on three pillars: security, cyber security and crisis management. 

– My background: CEO of SoCoA Sarl ( which I founded in 2015. In addition, I am researcher at the International University of Lausanne and a lecturer with the Institute of Management at the Robert Schumann University in Strasbourg, and at the University of Montpellier. I wrote and contributed to several books. From 1982 to 2010, I worked in the French police, as Detective Inspector and Detective Chief Superintendent, specialized in the fight against organized crime and terrorism. I led many units throughout France, which I either created or improved. In 2006, I became head of the French national cybercrime unit (OCLCTIC). From 2010 to 2015, I was Chief Security Officer within an international group based in Switzerland (SICPA, world leader in security inks), and an Administrator of the CDSE ( and chairman of its “Cyber-security” committee.

Secretary CyAN
I provide legal advice on cybersecurity and the fight against cybercrime

– Status: Legal consultant (cybersecurity, cybercrime, international police/judicial cooperation). Researcher/PhD candidate in international criminal law (University Paris-II Panthéon-Assas)

– Member since :  Founding member

– Languages: French, English, Spanish

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: Mainly European institutions (European Commission, Council of Europe)

– What I do: I provide legal advice on cybersecurity, fight against cybercrime and all aspects of international criminal law.

– How it helps: Most of the legal expertise offered in cybersecurity and cybercrime stems from criminal law or IT law approaches, while international law aspects are often overlooked. Yet, the complex structure of online criminal activities requires the combination of skills in these different fields. I provide an innovative expertise taking into account core issues of cyberactivities, from sovereignty to privacy, with a practical knowledge of difficulties faced by the law enforcement and an awareness of the cyber threats to individual freedoms.

– My background: After graduating in international law (University Paris-2 Panthéon-Assas, 2010), I have worked in different positions at the criminal law division of the Council of Europe, gaining experience on the drafting and negotiation of international criminal law treaties. From 2012, I have provided legal consultancy to the Council of Europe and the European Commission on cybersecurity, cybercrime and international cooperation. I drafted analytical papers, took part to international conferences, and participated to several field missions in Europe, Maghreb and West Africa. In the meantime, my research interests led me to publish several academic papers on State sovereignty in the cyberspace and the collection of criminal evidence in an international context, and to make presentations in different fora (inc. national symposium of the Société française de droit international, 2013). My PhD research (ongoing) addresses State jurisdiction and the evolution of transnational crime.

Treasurer CyAN / cybersecurity and risk management consultant
I help my clients to collect, analyse and protect their information

– Status: Founder and Managing partner at IPS, management consulting on operational risk, competitive intelligence, IT audit, cybersecurity and fraud

– Member since :  Founding member

– Languages: French, English, Spanish

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: Large and medium companies of all sectors (industry and banks), operating in France, Morocco, and internationally.

– What I do: I provide training, IT audits, advice on: competitive intelligence, operational risk, security, cybersecurity and fraud.

– How it helps: I help my clients to collect, analyse and protect their information. Influences are also implemented if needed.

– My background: From 2007 to 2014, I held positions as IT auditor and operational risk manager at Société Générale. I participated in IT audit assignments for the various entities of the bank (FRB, DSFS, BHFM on the following themes: anti-money laundering – computer application « Profil »; BDM – marketing database; Department BddfFinCta; Department BddfDsiPfiMpb; FRB Business Continuity Plan; FRB Security information System; computer application CapEpargne versus MiFID; commercial paper; Nacre Program; Sogécap – insurance subsidiary of people; BDK Finance – German subsidiary financing vehicles; BRD – Romanian branch retail banking; monitoring missions and recommendations. I participated as manager of operational risks to the animation of the industry “operational risk” worldwide. 1986-2006, various missions of advice and support in information system.

Board member CyAN / Attorney at Law
I provide sustainable and practical solutions for data privacy compliance

– Status: Attorney at Law & Privacy Professional; Owner and managing director of FABIAN PRIVACY LEGAL GmbH based in Basel, Switzerland

– Member since: October 2015

– Languages: German, English, Italian, French

– Geographic coverage: International, based in Basel, Switzerland

– My clients are: Large and medium companies of all sectors operating in Switzerland and internationally

– What I do: I assist companies in ensuring privacy compliance in a structured and straightforward risk-based approach by providing sustainable solutions relating to data privacy laws, strategic governance, risk management, legal compliance and program implementation as well as legal expert advice in a broad-range of privacy-related matters. In addition, I assume the responsibilities as external Data Protection Officer.

– How it helps: Companies with an established privacy governance do effectively reduce risks and are better prepared to respond to privacy related incidents and breaches or when legal disputes arise. At the same time, privacy governance and management practices enable companies to demonstrate accountability and enhance trust among stakeholders.

– My background: I have over 22 years professional expertise, commercial legal, leadership and management experience of global projects and teams in the pharmaceutical industry, law firm, Swiss courts and the faculty of law of the University of Basel. From 1997 until 2007 I held various positions in Legal at Novartis. In 2007 I was appointed Global Head Data Privacy for the Novartis Group. In this position I was responsible for setting the Group’s strategic direction regarding privacy and data protection and for driving the implementation and oversight to the group wide privacy compliance program, including Binding Corporate Rules.

By education, I am an attorney at law and privacy professional. I have been an active member, board member and chair of various privacy and industry associations and working groups, such as IPPC, IAPP, CIPL, VUD, EPOF.

Board member / Policy and Regulatory
I help my clients in the IT field with a business and regulatory mindset

– Status: Managing partner and attorney-at-law at Dr. Dzsinich Law Office (founded in 2008), Member of the Advisory Board of Communication Providers at EUROPOL (The Hague), Board Member of CyAN (Paris), Member of the Advisory Board at the EU funded anti hatespeech MANDOLA project (Brussels).

– Member since :  September 2015

– Languages: English, German, Hungarian

– Geographic coverage: International, based in Budapest, services provided according to the clients’ expectations

– My clients are: My working experience includes multinationals, start-up companies and government sector (Council of Europe)

– What I do: Strategic, legal, dispute resolution, privacy, cyber security/crime, audit, compliance and regulatory advisory

– How it helps: Advisory is a special mixture in the IT field. A pure business or legal minded provider without the relevant and up-to-date understanding of technology may not provide the quality of service expected by the clients. I am providing this mixture of services. Technology is a fast race which requires a closer and trusted contact in order to tailor the services so they are useful not only today, but on the long term. It is my pleasure and my commitment to support my clients this way.

– My background: In the multinational world, I served as the Intellectual Property Rights Lead at Microsoft and after that as the Chief Legal Counsel at T-Systems based in Budapest. I was the moderator of the Internet Legal Team of Deutsche Telekom. I represented my employers at the American Chamber of Commerce and at the Joint Venture Association. I was entitled to be a member of the Council of Copyright Experts for 5 years. My EU related practice was received at the European Patent Office in Munich as I was working for the Patent Directorate and the European Relation Unit. As a lawyer I gained significant experiences at the GÖHMANN Law Firm in Hanover, at the Bérczes Law Office and at the SBG&K Law Offices in Budapest. I was elected as the founding chair of the Hungarian Association of Info-Communication Lawyers and was elected as the local chair of the Business Software Alliance for 2 years.

Board member CyAN
I help my clients to integrate innovation financing in their strategy

– Status: President of CPV CONSEIL sas Management consulting in corporate finance

– Member since :  Founding member

– Languages: French, English, Russian

– Geographic coverage: International with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe. Based near Nantes (France)

– My clients are: Start-up entrepreneurs reaching the stage of capital raising from qualified investors or companies searching for strategic partners

– What I do: I provide strategic advice on approaching the capital raising problems and in devising the appropriate strategy

– How it helps: I help my clients in reviewing their priorities and being introduced to the proper qualified potential investors in order to achieve their own objectives

– My background: I held financial executive positions in the industry (Pechiney/ Rio Tinto) and in the banking sector (Credit Agricole) as well as in the French Energy Efficiency Office. I had two assignments out of France : London (foundation of a Mergers&Acquisitions boutique) and Moscow (as Chief Representative); I also taught economics and finance in France and in Russia after having been trained in France and In the United States

Regional Head Asia Pacific CyAN
I help safeguard your critical information assets and processes

– Status: Regional Head (Asia Pacific) CyAN, Founder Coroneos Cyber Intelligence, Former Chief Executive Internet Industry Association (Australia)

– Member since:  January 2017

– Languages: English

– Geographic coverage:  Available internationally. Based in Sydney, Australia

– My clients are: Corporate Boards, Local, Regional and Multi-National Corporations

– What I do: 

– Leadership and advisory roles, Board guidance on cyber risk management and response.

– Crisis communications guidance

– Policy development

– Public speaking, media interviews and issues commentary

– How it helps: Organisation-wide threat awareness and behavioral change; Safeguarding critical information assets and processes; enabling organisations to thrive in the evolving cyber landscape.

– My background: Led Internet Industry Association 1997-2011. Qualified in law, science and education. Recognised authority in cyber governance. Pioneered the development of icode (world best practice management of botnets on ISP networks)  Twice invited to White House to advise Obama administration cybersecurity leadership team, advisor to industry and governments, pioneer of national anti-virus anti-spam, and anti-spyware initiatives in Australia. Expert in development of best practice standards, governance, education of political leaders, boards, media and public, public/private partnerships to address cyber threats. Principal author of policy manifesto and national broadband targets underpinning Australian national broadband network. Subject matter expert in cyber security, online child protection, privacy, digital copyright and broadband policy. Represented internet industry to Senate, Joint and House committees. Extensive media and international speaking experience. Long term collaboration with international affiliates and counterparts. Passionate contributor to a safer, faster and fairer internet for all.

Cybersecurity advisor
I help design cybersecurity in your strategy

– Status: Managing Director at Safis Consulting AG, management consulting on cybersecurity, cybercrime, privacy and information risk management

– Member since :  Founding member

– Languages: German, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Zurich, Switzerland.

– My clients are: CxOs, CISOs and risk professionals of large and medium companies of all sectors (pharmaceutical, transportation, financial and chemical), operating in Switzerland and internationally, as well as public institutions (European Commission, Council of Europe) and government organizations in charge of national cybersecurity strategies.

– What I do:  Cybersecurity transformation programs (shifting from protection-based approach to a detection/response based strategy), strategic cybersecurity consulting, coaching of company boards and CISO’s, information risk management, national cybersecurity strategies and assessments, cybersecurity capacity building

– How it helps:  My focus is on defining and implementing cybersecurity / information risk strategies that consider the new reality. For private companies, this means transforming organizations from a protection based approach to a detection and response based approach and managing their information based on risk. For public organizations, this means reconsidering their approach to cybersecurity strategies, cybersecurity capacity building, national and international collaboration and measuring success of their strategies. The task at hand is looking beyond organizational silos and embracing a cross-disciplinary approach, which has been the common theme across my career. I help my clients to achieve this with a focus on tangible, pragmatic outcome-based strategies on both technical and organizational level.

– My background: Prior to forming my own company, I was Chief Security Advisor Europe, Middle East and Africa for Microsoft from 2011 – 2014 consulting governments and CIIP actors on cybersecurity topics. From 2003 – 2010, I was Global Head Policies and Frameworks for Novartis implementing global information risk management, information security and compliance programs. From 1999 – 2003, I was a risk management & security consultant as well as IT auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers. In total, I have over 20 years’ experience in the area of Cyber Security, Risk Management, Audit, Compliance and Fraud Detection.

Computer forensic & security specialist
I help my clients fight cybercrime daily

– Status: Cybersecurity and computer forensic specialist, Encase Certified Examiner (EnCE), Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner (CCME)

– Member since :  July 2015

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Monaco.

– My clients are: Companies of all sectors and all sizes, as well as public institutions operating in France, Europe, and internationally, and universities.

– What I do: I provide penetration testing and security auditing. I deliver training and awareness on cybercrime and digital forensic on computers (Encase instructor) and mobile phones (Cellebrite instructor). I also work as a judicial expert for law enforcement, and courts in Monaco and France.

– How it helps: dealing with computer and mobile forensic matters for more than 10 years, I can provide my clients with my expertise on these fields. Being a trainer for many years, I can also teach these topics to your specialists, employees, and even raise awareness to your users and share the feedback from my real-life experience with my trainees.

– My background: From 1998 to 2014, I was the founder and the CEO of URIEL CONSEIL, an outsourcing and software developpement company based in Monaco.
In 2005, I began acting as a judicial expert for the court and the Police Forces of Monaco, in terms of digital forensic, founding a new company named URIEL-EXPERT, that specializes in cybersecurity and computer and mobile forensic.
In 2014, after solding my former company, I decided to be entirely devoted to URIEL-EXPERT and to security and forensic matters. I passed the well-known EnCE certification (Encase Certified Examiner), and became a certified instructor on Encase for computer forensic specialists all over Europe.
I also passed three certifications on mobile phone forensic (CCPA, CCLO, CCME), and I’ve become the sole french-speaking accredited instructor for Cellebrite, the top one company specialized on mobile forensic. I now deliver training worlwide on mobile forensic, in french and english languages.

Digital forensics
Mobile forensics
GPS forensics
Deputy Treasurer CyAN / Investigations
I help accelerate your missions through investigation by visual analysis

– Status: Founder and CEO at Solutions-ACE, Consulting in safety, security, investigation, analysis and fraud management.

– Member Since: April 2016

– Languages: French

– Geographic Coverage: International. Based in Amiens, North of France

– My Clients are: Governments, international or local companies.

– What I do: Fraud, Safety & Security, Counterfeit, Intelligence, Public Investigation to fight against terrorism, cybercrime,…

– How it helps: You have data and you use it to try to know what is the risk profile of your company. Unfortunately, indicators are often too rigid and it’s impossible to study traceability and weak signals. Well, I help my clients to organize and understand their data in many sectors to build with them the exact health of their company profile. I can offer several types of studies from operational analysis to strategic analysis.

– My background: From 1999 to 2014, i worked in the French Police in very specialized departments such as the intelligence service. I ended my career as a criminal analyst for the Central Office for the Repression of Human Trafficking. During this time, I developed methodologies and techniques concerning investigation by visual analysis for the public sector and now for the private companies.


Attorney at law
I provide strategic and legal advice on cybersecurity, privacy and the fight against cybercrime

– Status: Partner at ALERION Law firm in Paris

– Member since :  September 2015

– Languages: French, German and English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: large and medium companies of all sectors (industry, cosmetics and luxury sector, fashion industry, pharmaceutical industry, childcare industry, media, e-commerce sector and banks), operating in France, Europe, and internationally, as well as public bodies (local authorities).

– What I do: I provide strategic and legal advice on cybersecurity, privacy and fight against cybercrime. I represent clients before the courts or I negotiate with the competent authorities for an optimal result (pre-litigation and litigation settlements).

– How it helps:  I help my clients to protect their business and their rights (contract drafting, negotiation and litigation), and define legal strategies. I am used to complex multidisciplinary environments where the law and case law do not provide all the answers. This experience is critical to properly advise operational teams.

– My background: Since my registration to the Paris Bar in 1994, I became a specialist of industrial property law (trademarks, patents and designs). I have developed an advanced expertise in two additional domains: new technologies and pharmaceutical laws. From 2005 to 2015, I took a leading role in Cyberlex, a cross-disciplinary association with on focus on technology law, as Vice-President and Chairman. In this role, I contributed to make this association a leading IT law association in France, with numerous contributions to public debates, monthly workshops and annual events which gathered hundreds of participants to discuss the latest IT trends and their impact on IT law and our society.

Global Information Governance mentoring
I help my clients implementing specific entities to govern information

– Status: CEO 3org Mentoring, Founder GouvInfo IAI (Autonomous Intelligent Information)

– Member since :  September 2015

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: D-level and pure-player actors working on a global information governance approach. Large and medium companies of all sectors, such as Total, BNPP, Cartier, Geodis, Ministère de la Défence. Universities: Centrale Paris, Sup De Web, EPF. Vendors: IBM, OpenText, Dictao, …

– What I do: I provide tactical and strategical advice on how to implement an entity within the organisation to raise information literacy with a global point of view. Different approaches are used: workshops, conferences, training, mentoring and traditional consulting intervention.

– How it helps: Information is an asset that brings a large potential of both value and vulnerability. This complexity, when handled in a global perspective, provides management with agility and accuracy on their decisions and decision-making process. And to the whole company it brings awareness and better usage of information. It is more than security, it’s about giving sense to the all types of information, as well as to the rules and tools that govern and manage it. This global strategy aims to lower information risk and raise valorisation of the information asset.

– My background: More than 15 years’ experience, first on technology then on project management with a large dominant of information management, and finally working on global information governance. I developed a wide knowledge on the many facets of information as a risk, a proof, a personal item, a valuable item, etc. This experience provides me with the ability to give sense to the many rules and uncoordinated tools inside the companies I work with. I have been a trainer, pre-sales-consultant, then project Director on Information management consulting (GFI and CapGemini), built an Information and governance activity (Devoteam Consulting), then created my own cabinet in mentoring (3org) and a crowd-mentoring non-for-profit (GouvInfo IAI). Information needs more than consulting, it needs raising people’s knowledge inside the company to be able to manage its complexity.

Innovative Information Entrepreneur
I empower organisations to constructively innovate in Africa and other Less Developed Countries

– Status: Executive Chairman, Consultancy Support Services (CS2) Ltd., Cyber Security, Virtual Library, Information Communication Technology (ICT) & Science Technology and Innovation Policy Consultancy Firm.

– Member since :  September 2015

– Languages: English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Abuja, Nigeria.

– My clients are: Private & public sectors as well as academia & civil society.

– What I do: I provide strategic advice and tactical implementation of:
ICT Consulting in the areas of:
– Cyber-Security; Computer Emergency Readiness and Response Teams, Cyber-Drills, Assessment, Cyber-Forensics Laboratories/ Capacities, Fusion Centre;
– Policy Development/ Master Plans/ Strategic Action Plans;
– Science Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy development;
– Specifications development, vendor assessment and compliance, supervision, Quality Assurance;
– Content creation/ Provisioning;
– Virtual Library implementation;
– IT Advocacy/ Events;
– Community Information Resource Centre;
– Community Radio (CR);
– ”Computer Ready/ SMART Buildings;”

Organisation Effectiveness (OE) such as:
– Capacity Building (Human, Material, Processes);
– Training;
– Online Testing;
– Change Management;
– Recruitment & Employee Sourcing;
– Partnership Development; PPP, NGO, Government, Private investment;
– Open Source Intelligence & Analysis;
– Business Advisory Services.

– How it helps: Most of the World, including my constituencies, are building an electronic future upon capabilities, processes & infrastructure that we have not yet understood how to protect, regulate or legislate. Protecting the next generation of digitally compliant citizen requires multifaceted capacity building encompassing modern tools, cybersecurity and innovation capacities in individuals and organisations while enhancing Organisation Effectiveness (OE), support, management.

– My background: I was a Senior Special Assistant Innovation & Technology to the National Security Adviser (NSA) to the President, Commander-in-Chief, Federal Republic of Nigeria. I am a founding & Steering Committee member Organisation of Islamic Cooperation – Computer Emergency Response Team (OIC-CERT)  with secretariat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Providing on-going global advocacy & capacity building for the establishment of sectorial & National CERT’s. I founded & was the CEO of Digital Information Systems Company (DISC) Limited, 1988-2000, a pioneer ICT firm in Nigeria. From 1985-1988, I worked with the National Geographic Society (NGS) in Washington DC.. I have served on several presidential, international & technical committees.

Data sharing and threat intelligence advisor
I help the community share threat intelligence

– Status: General Secretary for the French public/private partnership Signal Spam

– Member since :  September 2015

– Languages: French, English, Japanese (limited)

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– What I do: I manage the French public/private partnership Signal Spam, expanding the association with new members and partners, and its services to tackle spam and related cyber-crime threats.

– How it helps: Spam is a vehicle for a lot of threats, ranging from simple e-mail marketing nuisance to botnet infections or theft of financial credentials. We have to face all issues when considering spam mitigation, and therefore gather all players who are sometimes not accustomed to work together, whether they are public authorities, private companies (from e-mail marketing to security professional and internet services providers), or industry representatives. Signal Spam helps all players access the data they need to take relevant actions against specific spam while building bridges between them.

My mission is to understand needs and priorities of players in a complex environment, manage this community, develop best practices and see through the completion of tasks aiming at empowering the association and its members through data sharing and threat intelligence.

– My background: Coming political sciences and literary studies, I began working in cyber-crime mitigation at the Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit. I learnt the importance of collaborative work between public and private entities, and was intrusted with the management of Signal Spam as Project Leader and then General Secretary.

Start-up advisor in cybersecurity
I assist enterprises in adapting and prioritizing their digital strategy

– Status: Product & marketing executive and start-up advisor in cybersecurity, privacy, big data, and digital marketing technology.

– Member since :  September 2015

– Languages: English, French, Arabic.

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in San Francisco, California.

– My clients are: Large and mid-size enterprises’ needing strategic and operational guidance in implementing effective cybersecurity measures while harnessing the benefits of modern technology in big data, analytics, and digital marketing.

– What I do: I provide strategic advice and execution oversight of initiatives in cybersecurity, data privacy, big data and digital marketing technology.

– How it helps: Every enterprise benefits from modern software and digital connectedness that make it more efficient, faster, and responsive to the customers and markets it serves. Competitiveness is achieved with the know-how of implementing and operating the latest technologies. However, new technologies come with sharp edges exposing vulnerabilities in security and privacy protection. I assist enterprises in adapting and prioritizing their digital strategy to the needs of their business, and help them with functional and operational deployments.

– My background: I am currently a product and marketing advisor to few Silicon Valley technology start-ups. I recently was VP/General Manager of Mailbox Provider Products at Return Path (2011-2015). In that capacity, I managed the data acquisitions business that fed the analytics for all of company’s products. In a business model in which products are offered in exchange for data, I led our development, marketing, and deployment of security and inbox productivity solutions with partners. Previously, I held leadership roles in product management and marketing at Nominum where we launched advanced DNS solutions for IP telephony, security, and the enterprise cloud. I also held senior positions at Tellme Networks, Ecrio, and Netscape, pioneering over-the-top messaging for smartphones at Ecrio, and achieving many industry firsts at Netscape that were precursors to today’s Internet. I had started my career in engineering with 4 years at Oracle and another year at Tenfold, building ERP software.

Attorney at law
I help my clients with a creative and practical orientation

– Status: Attorney at law at Paris and Brussels Bars – Partner at Bird & Bird Law firm

– Member since :  September 2015

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris (France) and Brussels (Belgium).

– My clients are: large and medium companies of all sectors (financial institutions and also Fintech, technology and communication, media, sport, entertainment, e-commerce, gambling, gaming, energy,  retail,  life sciences and healthcare…), operating in France, Belgium, Europe, and internationally.

– What I do: I provide a Franco-Belgium practice. Through an experience in tackling complex regulatory, data security and privacy issues, I am able to develop cutting edge solutions for my clients. I am also  perfectly positioned to assist clients with their European concerns with our office in Brussels. I assist clients for their contract review, negotiation, litigation or pre-litigation with national and European authorities.

– How it helps:  Lawyer with a results oriented approach, I help my clients with a creative and practical orientation in order to find a way to overcome challenges, develop and protect their business in Europe. As a partner at Paris and Brussels offices, client takes advantage to have a single point of contact in both countries and to benefit of a perfect symbiosis of French and Belgian procedures and regulations. We  can work collaboratively with other law firm of our network when needed.

– My background: Passionate about information technology and communication, I hold a PhD in private law at the University of Montpellier on “Electronic Payment: How to build trust in online payment?”.  I co-founded in 2002 a website specialized on IT regulation and technical information ( and published in 2005 (editions Hermes Lavoisier) a book entitled “Online payment, legal and technical aspects”. I am specialized on IT Law, cybersecurity, privacy and regulatory issues (finance, gambling, eHealth). With a pioneering position on electronic transactions, electronic signature, biometric. I have acquired an advanced experience in the financial regulatory and supervisory support for innovative banking services (e-payment, e-money, mobile banking, virtual currency, crowdfunding, KYC, compliance …) and also for gambling/gaming activities (lotteries, poker, game of chance, skill game, video game…). For several years I participated in various working group, journals, scientific conferences and television programs in France/Belgium and abroad and I am a lecturer since 2007 at the University P. Cézanne (Aix-Marseille III), and since 2013 at the University of Montpellier.

Attorney at law
I assist clients with legal issues on cybercrime matters

– Status: Hervé WOLFF, Attorney at law, Partner at LG Avocats, Luxembourg business law firm

– Member since :  September 2015

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Luxembourg.

– My clients are: large and medium companies of the media, e-commerce, and IT sector, operating in Luxembourg, International law firms

– What I do: providing legal advice on Information Technology and Intellectual Property law, E-commerce, Data Protection, Cybercrime

– How it helps: Assisting clients with legal issues, representing them before the public authorities and the Luxembourg courts

– My background: After graduating in Business law in Stockholm and in Multimedia Law and Computer Systems in Strasbourg, I have been a lawyer with LG Avocats since 2007, advising a broad range of clients on all aspects of Information Technology law. I have also practicing commercial and employment litigation for many years, and I regularly publish articles, the most recent one being the Luxembourg Chapter of “Communications: regulation and outsourcing Global Guide”, to be published by Thomson Reuters, in October 2015

Expert in R&D tax credits
I help businesses to get European and national grants for their innovative projects.

– Status: Managing partner at ILCEOS, management consulting on R&D financing.

– Member since :  September 2015

– Languages: French, English.

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: companies of all sizes (from start up, SMEs and large companies such as AREVA, PUBLICIS or GE-ALSTOM) of all sectors (industry, software, etc.), involved in R&D activities and operating in France, Europe, and internationally. I work with the R&D, Finance and tax departments.

– What I do: I provide consulting services in the field of R&D financing.

– How it helps: I help our clients to get European and national grants for their innovative projects. I have an extensive practice in the field of R&D tax credits and help to comply with the scientific and administrative requirements of the funding organisations. I also give advice related to the appropriate combination of the various incentives.  I put a strong focus on building long term relationships with my clients in order to become a reliable partner of their development.

– My background: after a few years in the field of economic studies, I started in 1999 to provide consulting services related to R&D financing. I founded ILCEOS in 2006 and I still manage the company.

Consultant in crisis management
I help elaborate digital crisis management plans, audits and coaching

Status: Founder and CEO of Cap Sirius SARL, consulting in crisis management and crisis communication, on and off line.

Member since: September 2015

Language: French, English, Spanish

Geographic coverage: France and International

My clients are: Institutions, professional Federations or companies (from international groups to local small and medium sized enterprises)

What I do: consulting when a company is hit by a crisis as well as preparation and training, elaboration of crisis management tools and digital crisis management plans, audits and coaching.

How it helps: being able to limit the impact of a crisis is crucial. A Company will never be blamed because it is hit by a crisis, but it can be sanctioned if its stakeholders consider that the crisis is not properly managed. This fact is even more important when the crisis is digital, which is more and more the case today.

My background: Founder and CEO of Cap Sirius counseling agency specialized in crisis management and crisis communication. I have been working as senior Consultant in crisis management since 2006. I did manage many crises for companies of all types and sizes, in different sectors of activities. I dealt with various kinds of crises: product deficiency, activists’ attacks, cyber criminality, whistleblowing, disruption of activity… I was previously Communication Manager in the aerospace sector, Matra Espace Défense (which became AIRBUS Space and Defence) and ARIANESPACE. I managed many crises for companies of all types and sizes. I am duly certified in professional coaching.

Lawyer and Technical Manager
I help to set up intelligence reporting systems against cybercrime

Status: Legal adviser and technical manager at AFA (French Internet Service providers Association)

– Member since :  September 2015

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International coverage with special interest for Indian Ocean zone (especially Reunion Island). Based in Paris, France.

– What I do:  I provide legal advice and I am technical  manager at Point de Contact, an intelligence reporting system dedicated to the fight against illegal content, which operates in cooperation with French Law Enforcement and technology industry (ISPs, Hosting providers, Social Networks…) I am regularly invited in national and international conferences to present our work and to help on the development of similar initiatives around the world. Developing a cybercrime reporting system requires hands on expertise and vision. I am available to provide guidance and support on building cybercrime reporting systems.

– How it helps: Fighting against illegal content online requires cooperation between public and private sector (also know as private/public partnership), tools development and dedicated organizational process. In any national strategy on increasing cybersecurity and combat cybercrime, developing a CERT or a cybercrime reporting system is a prerequisite, as you can’t fight what you don’t know. I have a special expertise and interest in building reporting systems which operate in a pragmatic and sustainable way.

– My background: Graduate of Public Law Master with IT speciality. Interested in technology, I also graduated in computer science. I have been working at AFA since 2008. I was board member of Signal Spam, an intelligence reporting system for spam and phishing during 2 years (2011-2013). I joined STOPCAM (global and multidisciplinary community of professionals committed to stop Child Abuse Material online, hosted by INTERPOL) in 2015.


Information security strategist
I advise and train on cybersecurity

– Status: Managing Director at DATAPROTECT, management consulting on cybersecurity, cybercrime & privacy

– Member since: September 2015

– Languages: Arabic, French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Casablanca, Morocco.

– My clients are: large and medium companies of all sectors (Telecoms, industry and banks), operating in Morocco, Africa, Middle East ,Europe, and internationally, as well as international institutions  (United Nations, CRDI,etc..).

– What I do: I provide strategic advice on cybersecurity, fight against cybercrime and privacy.

– How it helps: in our competitive environment, people are pushed to differentiate by going always deeper in their expertise. This trend leaves little time to think across disciplines, reconcile different approaches, leverage new skills, which undermines the capacity to succeed. I help my clients to achieve their goals by understanding the broader environment and planning more strategically, with integrity and sustainability in mind.

– My background: With more thant 15 years experience in IS Security, I have held many senior positions in multinational companies in Morocco and abroad. In 2009, I founded DATAPROTECT, a leading player in cybersecurity and information security in Morocco and in the region. Certified PA QSA, PCI QSA, CISA, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, I hold an MBA in e-Business at the University Laval in Canada. I am also the president of the Moroccan representation of the International Association of fight against cybercrime and the president of the “Digital Trust” APEBI Committee since January 2012. I am also the author of the book “The cybercrime in Morocco” published in June 2010.

Threat intelligence specialist
I help people to cope with online treats

Status: Founder and CEO at inThreat, company specialized in threat intelligence

Member since : october 2015

Languages: French, English

Geographic coverage: International. Based in Rennes, France.

My clients are: Large companies with a location in France.

What I do: Cybersecurity strategy, Threat Intelligence consulting, CERT/DFIR/investigation assistance, incident management. I founded inThreat in 2015 to integrate threat intelligence in standard business practice in France.

How it helps: Cybersecurity is a major issue for many companies. However, the landscape (vendors, threats…) is complex. I help my clients with a simple idea : use deep technical expertise to reach their business goal. The more pragmatic, the better.

My background:
Previously, I created a banking CERT and managed two major CERTs/CSIRTs.
I am used to manage experts and brief management on threats and how to protect business from them.
I know how to manage large incidents and crisis, when you cannot take bad decisions.
I gave numerous training & presentations and wrote several publication in the security field.
I started as a security engineer working with many technologies for many customers.

Adviser in business security
I offer a fully-featured toolbox to help you secure your business

– Status: Founder and CEO at OPFOR Intelligence

– Member since :  October 2015

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: private & public companies of all size (depending on scope, mission and requirement I will work alone or with an ad-hoc team of trusted experts).

– What I do: Consulting+audit in IT & physical security – Security awareness and training programs – IT security benchmarking – Internal procedures review – Trade-shows and travel security planning – Close Protection consulting – Custom analysis.

– How it helps:  I’m a firm believer of the security continuum principle : Cyber and physical security do not live in isolation. Attackers will increasingly exploit whatever approach allow them to success regardless of departments, budget lines, office politics or hierarchy. Most companies, unfortunately, often still take a silo approach to security. OPFOR Intelligence wants to help organisations soften those silos and benefit form a more global approach to security. This is why we develop a borderless approach made of tools, knowledge and best practices in the human, legal and technical aspects of security. Competitive Intelligence, private investigation, legal analysis, internal & global communication, security awareness training, physical perimeter, premises security and cyber audits : with the help of a multi-disciplinary network of trusted independent experts, OPFOR Intelligence is a fully-featured toolbox to help you secure your business.

– My background: I graduated in corporate protection and Economic Intelligence from the french National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security and Justice (INHESJ), a french public research institute. I am certified by CNPP and the Confederation of Fire Protection Association Europe for physical security auditing. Before this, I graduated from journalism school and did extensive coverage of cybersecurity threats (15 years as a dedicated press analyst both in media & within IT security companies). I also trained as a Close Protection Officer at a major european training academy for which I am now the official contact point in France. This background “à la carte” offers me a unique and innovative view of organisations threats landscape. A view I now share as a consultant with my clients but also as a teacher with IT security students at the french EPITA engineering school.

Adviser in cybersecurity
We help enterprises be ready to embed cyber resilience in standard processes

– Status: CEO SYBER B.V. A Dutch Cybersecurity Firm

Member since: July 2015

– Languages: Dutch, German and English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in the Netherlands.

– My clients are: Multinationals, Local and International Governments, CxO’s of industry, Military and medium large enterprises. We are mainly operation in the Netherlands, but with a strong customer focused international presence.

– What I do: Our role is to advise enterprise customers, governments and their vendors on how to solve cybersecurity related and compliance issues, Cloud computing and Enterprise security architectures.

– How it helps: New technologies, new regulations, new threats and changes to the business (such as globalization) affect enterprise cybersecurity posture and dictate how organizations should prepare for incidents. Overall, it means more incidents, higher stakes and increased detection, investigation and overall response. In short growing complexity. We are making these challenges more down to earth and address the right things within the right context. So the organizations are prepared and ready to embed cyber resilience in standard processes.

– My background: Before SYBER I was Chief Security Advisor of Microsoft. As a reserve Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Netherlands Air Force, I was responsible for the initial security requirements for the Dutch F-16 Replacement program and chaired the joint working group on behalf of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) and the Department of Economic Affairs regarding information security and compliance in the Maintenance Repair and Overhaul program.  I’m retired from MoD in 2009. And worked parallel as Sr. Information Risk manager at one of the largest financial institutions in Europe where I was responsible for cybersecurity and compliance (DNB, EU, Privacy etc.) including the annual control risk self-assessments of the Board of Directors.

I have a Ph.D. In Philosophy and Business Ethics

I’m a guest researcher at the US National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) in the area of Information security (special bulletins), and participating in the Horizon 2020 program of the EU (security) as reviewer/scientific researcher. I’m also active as independent reviewer for security programs for the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).

My passion is flying


Consultant in IT Security and Privacy
I help organizations to reach the level of alertness and competencies necessary to face critical situations

Status: Consulting in Crisis Management, Crisis Communications, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, IT Security and Privacy, People and Goods Security

Member since: December 2015

Language: French, English

Geographic coverage: France and International

My clients are: Financial and Industrial sectors, the Luxury, IT Services, Health and Cosmetics, Transportation and Warehousing, Food Processing, NGOs, Public Organizations.

What I do: preparing firms and organizations to face critical situations while establishing a rapid and thorough diagnosis of situation, defining and setting up crisis governance plans, crisis communications plans, business continuity or security plans, realizing for CEOs & Crisis management teams, leadership development trainings in crisis management and complex conflict resolution through crisis simulations.

How it helps: it helps organizations, leaders and individuals to reach the level of alertness and competencies necessary to face critical situations.

My background: Since 2011, I am working as an advisor and partner of Ernst & Young Advisor-EY, in Crisis Management & Business Continuity Plans as well as in Security.

Previously, I founded Pharesight Conseil (2007-2011), an advisory company specialized in diagnosis and implementation of crisis management plans, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plans.

From 2000 till 2006, I advised the President and the IBM Crisis Management Team France, designed the EMEA pandemic governance, communications plans and BCP. Certified in IT Security & Privacy, I was also in charge of consulting missions (for example the elaboration of the AXA Insurance Company’s Crisis Management Plan).

As Chief Insurance Management Officer (1991-1997), then as Chief Information Officer (1998-2000) at GMRA (Gestion et Maîtrise des Risques d’Assurance), I had to optimize the insurance processes and to design and implement innovative IT risk management.

At Société Générale (1985-91) I was in charge of the worldwide Crisis Management Plan as well as the elaboration of the Disaster Recovery Plan for the Group and subsidiaries, taking into account the Bank’s internal and external stakeholders.

At Alexander Proudfoot International (1983-85), I advised in energy savings and technical productivity engineering diagnosis and project implementation.

I am also co-author of 3 books in crisis management, security and BCP, and of articles. I taught cybersecurity, crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery in France and Russia.

Lawyer in ICT & Cybersecurity
I provide my clients with strategic, legal and regulatory advice on cybersecurity

Status: Legal Expert

Member Since: September 2015

Languages: English

Geographic Coverage: International with special interest in Africa (COMESA & SADC regions). Based in Blantyre, Malawi.

My Clients are: Governments, public and private institutions.

What I do: I provide strategic, legal and regulatory advice on cybersecurity. I also specialize in legislative drafting of cyber related legal instruments.

How it helps: I help my clients, public authorities and industry alike recognize that cybersecurity is a global concern requiring specific action. Developing cybersecurity national and internal business strategies is key to enhancement of cybersecurity. Supporting and developing harmonized legal and regulatory frameworks is key to international cooperation in securing the cyberspace, mitigating and fighting against cyber crimes.

My background: Graduate of Masters in Computer and Communications Law with specialization in cyberspace, computer, e- commerce and telecommunications law. In addition to a general law background, I possess legislative drafting qualifications. Have worked for the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) since 2002, providing legal and regulatory advice as well as legislative drafting expertise on ICT. I was the key technical expert in the development of the Electronic Transactions and cyber security Bill in Malawi. I therefore bring almost a decade of legal expertise in helping public authorities and the private sector in combating cybercrime and enhancing cybersecurity.

Philosophical counselor
I help my clients integrate philosophy in their change management’s strategy

– Status:  philosophical engineering and counselling, change management consulting, Managing Partner at Noetic Bees (S.A.S)

– Member since:  February 2016

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: France. Based in Lyon, France.

– My clients are: large and medium companies of many sectors (industry, social field, healthcare and banks),

– What I do: I provide strategic advice based on philosophical engineering. I do philosophical counselling (one to one).

– How it helps: I help my clients integrate philosophy and human sciences in their change management’s strategy. Change is always a question about identity, meaning and “foundations”. I can advise on philosophy, human sciences and social sciences, allow my clients to make relevant decisions for their strategy. Moreover, philosophy is the best way people can appropriate, responsibly, the meaning of the change. For example, we work with staff member on their professional identity and conceptualize it. We use socratic’s dialog and mind-mapping. So they can think about their own identity.

– My background:  I have been teaching philosophy in France after my graduate in philosophy (Master Degree at Jean Moulin Université Lyon 3). I went to United States to learn more about philosophical counselling and consulting. I’m a certified member of the American Philosophical Practioners Association (New York City College). Then I founded Noetic Bees SAS in 2013 to pollinate the world of philosophy in a integrative and open way. Philosophy needs to be engage with others disciplines if she wants to remains relevant. I received an award for the creation of my business (innovation award from ville de Lyon, Fondation des Universités et Crédit Mutuel 2013). I am 29 years old and I have been a consultant for 5 years.



Attorney at Law
I help companies understand the right legal framework to achieve their business objective

– Status: Attorney at Law ; Owner and managing director of MATHIAS AVOCATS based in Paris, France

– Member since: April 2016

– Languages: French and English.

– Geographic coverage: Serving companies and law firms, in France or across the world, who focus on European markets.

– My clients are: From start-ups to global groups of all sectors (industry, pharmaceutical industry, media, e-commerce sector, energy, health care and banks) as well as public bodies, active in new industries of new technology.

– What I do: I provide strategic advice on legal aspects of new businesses and projects; draft and negotiate contracts; address legal needs respect to cybersecurity, privacy, IT and HR matters; represent clients before the courts or I negotiate amicable settlement (pre-litigation and litigation settlements) including with national and European authorities. I provide also regular training programs and implement awareness-raising campaigns suited to each of my clients’ businesses (label issued by the French national data protection authority).

– How it helps: I help companies understand the right legal framework to achieve their business objective with a results oriented approach and I also support them to protect their rights (contract drafting, negotiation and litigation). I can work collaboratively with other law firm of my network if needed.

– My background: Passionate about information technology and communication, I have over 20 years professional expertise. I have developed an advanced expertise in several domains: new technologies, cybesercurity and data protection laws. I was based in Brussels and Chicago and worked for the European Commission as a lawyer before creating my own firm in Paris. I participate in various working group, journals, scientific conferences and teach in various areas, in particular at the University of Paris I (Sorbonne).

Expert in Digital Risk Management
I provide a comprehensive range of services on digital security

– Status: Founding partner of Heptagone digital risk management and security sarl

– Member since : April 2016

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Geneva, Switzerland.

– My clients are: International and local companies, public institutions

– What I do: Within HEPTAGONE firm, I am responsible for all technical and audit activities on matters relating to security and for cyber security, investigation and digital forensic services. I have indeed developed my expertise in the areas of information, legal investigations in the fight against delinquency, organized crime and cyber criminality.
Director of the “European Centre for Research and Analysis on Cyberthreats” (CERAC) at Strasbourg University, I am lecturer in Masters 2 at Strasbourg University, Paris Dauphine University and Normandy Business School.

– How it helps: I provide a comprehensive range of services relating to digital security, as well as commercial and legal investigations (business intelligence). This is particularly relevant to help my clients on online reputation and cyber governance, but also the provision of premium services in the field of digital forensics.

– My background : An officer in French army and Gendarmerie Nationale in France, I left Gendarmerie in 2014 with a rank of Colonel, in order to set up HEPTAGONE Digital Risk Management & Security. An engineer from the Special Military School of Saint Cyr, I have a university degree in electronics, mathematics and automated systems, as well as obtaining a LLM (DESS) in defence and security law.
I am also an Auditor of the Institute of Advanced Studies in National Defence (Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Défense Nationale) in 2010.

Human Resources Expert
I help HR managers to leverage cybersecurity

Status: Independant consultant on Human Resources management.

Member since: April 2016

Language: French

Geographic coverage: France

My clients are: Institutions and companies

What I do: I advise my clients on their HR policy (role of HR manager, diversity, dialog among stakeholders, IT & security), organisation and management, through consultancy and training

How it helps: HR managers play an essential role in career development of IT & security professionals, as well in enabling a good level of cooperation among teams. Cybersecurity can enable sharing of information and teamwork, and this is where I help.

My background: I spent 40 years at Ministry of Defence, with responsabilities in finance, legal and HR. I have been HR Director of large organisations including Délégation Générale pour l’Armement (DGA) within the Ministry of Defence.

Strategic communication consultant
I craft bespoke communication strategies and actual content for media placement

– Status: Founder and Creative Director, Bethphage. Bethphage is a perception management, strategic communications, and creative agency.

– Member since: September 2015

– Languages: English

– Geographical coverage: International. Based in Lagos, Nigeria.

– My clients are: Everyone that has a need to craft their messages skillfully so as to enhance the chances of a favourable reception by their target audience and better perception generally. My clients include individuals (ranging from high-profile public figures to the publicity-shy), businesses (ranging from Small and Medium Scale Enterprises to multi-national corporations), governments and government agencies, religious bodies, NGOs and sporting organizations. A lot of my recent work has been for clients seeking to communicate with the youth demographic (a demographic where I wield considerable influence and have had great success in strategically delivering content to).

– What I do: I craft bespoke communication strategies and actual content for media placement, and on occasion, I serve as a spokesperson, public advocate and ambassador for causes I’m aligned with. I also work in policy formulation, lobbying and implementation.

– How it helps: Well-crafted communication strategies are a key driver of progress. The work I do helps to foster cooperation, mitigate resistance and galvanize action towards the attainment of set goals.

– My background: I have worked in the media, entertainment and advertising sectors for over a decade. With the experience garnered and in response to evolving challenges globally, I transitioned into politics, cultural diplomacy and national security a few years ago. I have worked on four successful political campaigns (gubernatorial and presidential) and served as a security and crisis communications consultant to a government agency in Nigeria. I am currently actively involved in the domains of maritime security, cyber security and the use of media to foster global peace.

consultant in cybersecurity capacity building
I help security solutions coalesce with innovation and business opportunities.

– Status: Managing director, B.M.Consulting Ltd. – cybersecurity, government affairs and renewable energy; Partner, corporate relations, Technopolis Innovation Center Ltd. – acceleration programs, funding for IT startups.

– Member since: May 2016

– Languages: English, Russian, Hungarian

– Geographic coverage: International, based in Budapest, Hungary

– My clients are: Multinationals, Public Sector, SMEs, startups

– What I do: Consulting, training, coaching on security, cybersecurity, regulatory issues, innovation; addressing national cybersecurity strategies and assessments; providing help in cybersecurity capacity building.

– How it helps: I advise my customers on how to solve cybersecurity problems, how to integrate cybersecurity in their business strategy, provide consulting services in business development and acceleration programs for IT startups with special interest in connecting to the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

– My background: I served as a career diplomat with the Hungarian foreign service for nearly two decades. A few of my assignments at home and abroad: deputy state secretary for multilateral relations, one of the state secretaries overseeing integration of Hungary into the EU; ambassador, permanent representative of Hungary to the UN, consul general of Hungary in New York. My international diplomatic assignments related mainly to international security and nuclear nonproliferation (e.g. chairman of NPT review conferences). From 2007 to 2014 I worked for Cisco as executive director with responsibilities in government affairs, business development and cybersecurity. I participated in the Cybersecurity Working Group of Cisco’s Government Affairs team, supported cyber-related projects of local sales teams and public sector vertical in the CEE and SEE regions.

management consultant in cybersecurity
I help my clients build capacity and select the right solutions

– Status: CEO at VIGILO consult, management consulting on cybersecurity, cybercrime & forensic IT.

– Member since : May 2016

– Languages: English, Dutch, French, German

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Leiden, The Netherlands.

– My clients are: Government agencies, telecommunications regulators (Canada, Dutch Carribean) consumer agencies, other regulatory bodies, CERT teams, CxOs and board members of IT and cybersecurity companies, international organisations (European Commission, Council of Europe, US State Department).

– What I do: I provide strategic advice, and capacity building on cybersecurity, fight against cybercrime and privacy.

– How it helps: I help my clients build capacity, select the right solutions and I help them learn lessons from each other. In the cybersecurity area I advise clients on the required skillset, team capabilities and technical (IT) architecture. My expertise is mainly in combining legal and technical expertise into solutions and policies that are immediately implementable, add value and have a clear value to the organisation. I leverage new skills, understand the broader environment, and deliver with integrity and sustainability in mind.

– My background: I am trained a lawyer but more of a technician by trade. My background is diverse. I was a researcher at Leiden University’s eLaw department before joining the Netherlands ISP association (NLIP) in 2000 – an environment where I acquired a taste for both public policy and technology. As delegate Board member at the European ISP association, EuroISPA, I also learned public policy at the European level. In 2004, I joined the Netherlands Independent Post and Telecommunications Administration (OPTA, now ACM) working on both interconnection disputes, electronic signatures and internet safety issues. Here I learned forensics, networking and investigative skills. After heading up several investigations and a few record breaking fines, I founded VIGILO and helped many other countries achieve similar successes, led projects and acquired a vast experience in both legal and technical matters related to cybercrime and cybersecurity. With 15 years of experience in this area I often teach various audiences and currently find myself working for a diverse set of international clients in industry and government.

IT security Researcher
I promote Offensive Security to understand different aspects of risks that will affect businesses and privacy

– Status: IT security Researcher, CISSP certified

– Member since: April 2016

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Africa

– My clients are: Private companies and big ICT vendors.

– What I do: I find 0day vulnerabilities in IoT devices, virtualization and UNIX systems and work with vendors to patch the vulnerables systems. Mainly in Offensive Security, I do penetration tests, network and system audits. I like to organize trainings to share my knowledge in offensive security.

– How it helps: I believe that Offensive Security helps to understand different aspects of risks that will affect businesses and privacy. Notably, my researches have allowed me to find backdoors in several up-to-date systems.

– My background: After studying a master’s degree in Network and IT Security in EPITA, I worked at Winamax, an e-gambling company, as a Chief Information Security Officer. I, then, moved to Africa and it gave me a good opportunity to discover how IT Security works in the continent and to concentrate myself finding 0day vulnerabilities in IoT devices.

You can read my researches published at .

My research topics include: information systems, software defined radio (2G, 3G, 4G), IoT, virtualization and backdoors.


Researcher and trainer in cybersecurity
I deliver quality research and training that brings together deep scholar knowledge and practical experience in cybersecurity

– Status: Senior Researcher at Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg, Germany. Current research includes international standards to fight cybercrime, the comparative analysis of cybercrime legislation, self- and co-regulation, public private partnerships to address cybersecurity issues,  cybersecurity and human rights, and the multi-stakeholder approaches to fight cybercrime.

– Member since: January 2017

– Languages:  English (full professional proficiency), Russian (native), German (upper-intermediate).

– Geographic coverage: Based in Germany, serving globally.

– What I do: My work ranges from academic research projects to serving as a consultant for different international organisations and NGOs on cybercrime and cybersecurity issues. I also regularly deliver presentations at international events and serve as a trainer at different capacity building programs.

– How it helps: I deliver quality research and training that brings together deep scholar knowledge and practical experience and allows to approach cybercrime and cybersecurity issues from a broader perspective of the ICT regulation and Internet Governance.

– My background: My background includes both academic and practical experience. I have been conducting cybercrime research for more than 10 years, starting in Russia in 2002, where I became the first Russian researcher to defend a PhD thesis on cybercrime (2005). From 2002 to 2009, I was responsible for cybercrime projects at the regional subdivision of the Transnational Crime and Corruption Centre (George Mason University, USA) in Vladivostok, Russia. At the same time, from 2003 to 2008, I worked full-time as a lawyer and then as head of the legal departments of a number of telecommunication companies.

Since 2009, I have been involved in both legal research and various applied cybercrime projects at the international level. This activity includes such projects as carrying out a cybercrime study for the Global Symposium of Regulators (ITU, 2010) or serving as a consultant to the UNODC Comprehensive Cybercrime Study (2012-2013) and to the World Bank’s World Development Report 2016 (2015).

I have a number of publications to my credit, including a monograph on cybercrime; and I am frequently invited to present at various international events.

Attorney at law
Security should not be seen as an add-on. It must be an integral part of all operations, products and services.

– Status: Owner and managing director of Rickert Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (i.e. law firm) in Bonn, Germany, a firm with 15 staff specializing in legal questions relevant in the digital age.

– Member since : June 2016

– Languages: German and English

– Geographic coverage: Based in Germany, serving globally.

– My clients are: Internet Service Providers, Registries, Registrars, Software developers, IT-Security vendors, Old and new economy companies, an Internet Industry Association.

– What I do: I advise companies on legal issues they are facing in the digital environment. My work ranges from drafting and negotiating contracts, working on data protection issues, outsourced abuse management, responding to law enforcement requests, advising on IT security policies, advising on action required responding to IT security breaches, domain name law and online brand protection to liaising with public authorities and other relevant bodies. I regularly deliver presentations at national and international events.

– How it helps: My clients appreciate that I have been working on a wide range of projects over the years and that I can bridge the gap between the technical experts, operational staff and management. I have managed multiple international projects in the area concerned and help clients to operationalize the advice I am giving.

– My background: I am owner and managing director of Rickert Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft, Bonn, Germany, a law firm specializing in IT law ( with 15 staff, since 2002, specializing in contract law, cyber security, data protection law, IP law, online brand protection. Additionally, I have been working with eco Association of the Internet Industry e.V. in various roles for more than 15 years. eco is an association with ca.1000 members from 60+ countries, see I regularly represented the association at the national and international level cyber security issues. I provided training to relevant stakeholders including ISPs and law enforcement. Additionally, I was part of the management team for eco’s Internet Beschwerdestelle, a hotline taking reports from the public about illegal and harmful material (, From 2002 to 2005, I was President of the INHOPE Association (, the international representative organisation of Internet hotlines which take complaints about illegal and harmful content. Today, I chair the eco Names & Numbers Forum, which is s division of the association that deals with topics surrounding domain names, the DNS and security aspects thereof, e.g. DNSSEC. From 2011 to 2015, I was member of ICANN’s GNSO Council.

Adviser on normative architecture
I help clients design cybersecurity consistency across geographies, particularly Latin America

– Status: Founder of law firm Martins de Almeida – Advogados and of research institute Instituto de Direito e Tecnologia; consultant to international, multilateral organizations; Law teacher; member of Advisory Board of various organizations, arbitrator, and mediator.

– Member since : August 2016

– Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Brazil

– My clients are: local or international businesses operating, or considering to operate, in Latin America; multilateral organizations.

– What I do: I advise on international, regional and national normative architecture and its implications to corporate policies, by anticipating tendencies and bridging cultures and interests.

– How it helps: It provides strategic vision, corporate positioning, and practical implementation of controls, globally consistent. Latin America, as an environment, offers particular cultural and legal challenges, either due to complexities or to innovation. Developing international strategies, and reconciliating them at the regional or national levels, is increasingly a key factor for matching cybersecurity simultaneously with global and local agenda. Additional roles beyond regular consultancy, such as dialogue facilitation, dispute board, mediation, and arbitration, may offer a portfolio of possibilities suitable to address different needs or convenience.

– My background: after my training and initial career at private practice as an attorney, I was with IBM in Brazil and in the USA (covering Latin America) from 1984 to 1996. Then I set up my law firm and my research institute, and introduced a training to Computer Law in Brazilian universities, which I have taught in the latest 20 years. Subsequently, I started assisting international organization by helping regions and countries to draft their Internet legislation (inclusively, on cybercrimes, interception of communication, data protection, and other matters), which I had already done for Brazil. In parallel, I developed my activities as arbitrator and mediator. Have extensively lectured and given training, in Brazil and abroad, as well as written articles for local or international publications.

Strategic adviser on cybersecurity, privacy and cybercrime
I help my clients to understand cybersecurity challenges in their daily business practice

– Status: Owner/Manager Aconite Internet Solutions Limited

– Member since: July 2016

– Languages: English (Native), Irish (Intermediate), French (Intermediate), Slovene (Intermediate)

– Geographic coverage: International based in Dublin, Ireland.

– My clients are: International governmental organisations (European Commisison, Council of Europe, OSCE, etc) dealing with national cyber policy issues and capacity building. My clients also include large and SME companies of all sectors with concerns on all aspects of cyber-related issues.

– What I do: I am a qualified computer scientist and I have spent most of my life bridging the knowledge gap between technology and users. I support and encourage the benefits of technology while addressing the downside risks. I provide strategic advice on cybersecurity, privacy and cybercrime. I implement public-private-partnerships supporting law enforcement, internet industry and civil society working on shared cyber challenges.

– How it helps: I help my clients to understand cybersecurity challenges in their daily business practice and the impact of adverse incidents on the reputation of their organisation. I understand a wide range of technology issues and I combine knowledge on technology risks with policies designed to protect organisations from attack.

– My background: Qualified in computer science I have over 25 years working experience on international computer networks and 15 years’ experience in the policy area of illegal content and cybercrime activities on the Internet. I was co-author of the Council of Europe Guidelines on Cooperation between Law Enforcement and Internet Service Providers quoted by the European Court of Human Rights as achieving the appropriate balance between sharing data and data protection. I am a member of the Irish Internet Safety Advisory Committee reporting to the Irish Department of Justice. I have provided training at Interpol and Europol and to law enforcement agencies around the world on the subject of emerging and developing technologies, cybercrime and the role of internet industry. I was part of the COURAGE project developing a research agenda in cybersecurity and cyberterrorism in Europe. I am past-president and CEO of INHOPE – the International Association of Internet Hotlines ( dealing with illegal internet content.

Attorney at law
My sound understanding of both public authorities and businesses' expectations help me find compromise solutions for my clients

– Status: Attorney-at-law, member of Istanbul Bar Association, currently operating a boutique law firm specialized in IT, IP and regulatory areas; previously a partner at one of the leading law firms of Turkey for 10 years.

– Member since: October 2016

– Languages: Turkish and English

– Geographic coverage: Based in Turkey, serving a wide geography covering Balkan Countries, Middle East and Former Soviet Republics.

– My clients are: Software publishers, online entertainment providers, technology startups, intellectual property right holders, financial institutions, cybersecurity providers and seekers.

– What I do: I provide legal services to companies doing business in Turkey, mainly in terms of representation before public authorities for compliance with legislative requirements, dealing with third parties on commercialization of rights and enforcement at the relevant channels.

– How it helps:  I have a sound understanding of public authorities’ functionning while being well aware of clients’ businesses’ expectations. I therefore focus on finding compromise solutions for my clients that are in line with international standards. As a lawyer, I strongly believe in offering reliable, speedy and cost-efficient advice.

– My background: I started my professional career in the Turkish Army as an artillery officer. Then I went into the private sector, being employed by one of the most reputable banks of the country. Later I worked with another financial institution and then a GSM operator. In the meantime I completed my second college education at Istanbul University Law Faculty and started to work as a lawyer. I was a partner at one of the leading law firms, where I headed the Intellectual Property and Technology Department. I have recently established my boutique law firm and I am currently serving clients that operate in a wide range of sectors. My clients are mostly foreign capital.

Cybersecurity legal expert
I am advising governments and private sector entities with ICT legal reforms, capacity building, cybersecurity issues and legislative drafting to sustain their digital transformation

– Status: Cybersecurity Legal advisor of the Minister of Transport and Communications in Qatar, holding a PhD in International Law and cyber defense.

– Member since : April 2017

– Languages: French, English and Arabic (basic)

– Geographic coverage: Serving organizations, in Middle East and across the world, who are dealing with Telecom regulations, E-commerce, Smart Nation programs, cybersecurity and Data protection.

– My clients are: Public and governmental entities across the world and companies specialized in defense and security.

– What I do: I am one of the Minister’s legal advisor, supporting any issues arising in Qatar related to IT security and digital transformation. My competences include legal advising and expertise, project management, drafting of contracts, policies and Laws, ministerial decisions, dispute resolution processes and analysis, auditing, and research methodology. Currently I am coordinating the larger telecom and postal reform in Qatar and lead the national E-commerce program. I am also part of the implementation process of the new personal information protection Law and cybercrime prevention Law.

– How it helps: My current goal is to provide efficient legal solutions to new IT challenges while contributing to the development of cybersecurity governance model in the GCC region.

– My background: I am holding a PhD in international Law, a specialized degree in Cyber criminality, and two masters’ degree in International administration and Diplomacy and strategy.

Before joining my current position in the Ministry of Transport and Communications Qatar, I was leading a mission for Thales as an International Legal Manager and Business developer and I recently completed the Manuel of International Law applicable to the cyberwarfare hosted by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence in Estonia.

Previously, as Legal Advisor in the Ministry of Defense, I was in charge of cybersecurity operational researches, cyber defense strategies as well as coordinating policies with ANSSI (French National cybersecurity authority). I was also Legal Expert for the French Cyber defense Centre where I designed and facilitated cyber and legal training programs including international law applicable to Cyber.

Legal Adviser
I provide trainings in policy and legal matters related to cybercrime and cybersecurity

– Status: Legal Adviser at the Ministry of Justice of Estonia

– Member since: October 2016

– Languages: Estonian, English

– Geographic coverage: International, based in Tallinn, Estonia

– What I do: Consultation on policy and legal matters related to cybercrime and cybersecurity. Legal analysis, assistance in drafting policy documents or legislative instruments. Trainings.

– My background: I am working as an legal adviser in the Ministry of Justice of Estonia. Currently I am also the member of the Bureau of the Convention Committee on Cybercrime (T-CY). Between 2010-2014, I was the Chair of the Committee.

I graduated from the Law Faculty of Tartu University in 2001. After that, I worked in the Tallinn Police Prefecture as criminal investigator and in the Legal Department of the Ministry of Interior as an adviser. Since 2005, I am working in the Criminal Policy Department of the Ministry of Justice of Estonia. I have been involved in drafting several legislative proposals, including legislation concerning cybersecurity, cybercrime, identity theft and different aspects of criminal procedure.

I have participated in drafting the Estonian Governmental Cybersecurity Strategy and I am also a member of the Cybersecurity Commission of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

Since 2014 I am associated expert on cybercrime and cybersecurity at e-Governance Academy in Tallinn, Estonia. Since 2015 a lecturer on cybercrime and cybersecurity at the Tallinn Technical University in Tallinn, Estonia.

I have been a speaker at different national and international workshops and conferences as well as trainings on cybercrime and cybersecurity.

Strategic adviser on blockchain technologies
I help organizations discover blockchain technologies, explore relevant use cases and deploy them

Status: Cofounder and General Manager of Blockchain France

Member since : October 2016

Languages: French, English, German, Spanish and notions of Russian

Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

My clients are: International or local companies, institutions.

What I do: strategic counseling on blockchain technologies, training sessions and speeches in conferences and events

How it helps: Blockchain technologies have a huge potential in most sectors. For traditional companies, it can either be a great opportunity to reduce processes time, costs, cut intermediaries, secure data and work in a more collaborative way. It can also be a threat, for many new business models and activities can emerge from these technologies. Understanding them, the way they work, their contexts and ecosystems, but also experimenting a lot is the way to go to be ready for the blockchain revolution.

My background: I have been working in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies world since 2015. I have participated in the development of the French ecosystem from mid-2015. As such, I am also cofounder and president of the french association La ChainTech, gathering all the francophone blockchain actors. Before this, I had been working in financial auditing, and innovative payment methods.

Cybersecurity adviser specialised in darknet and P2P technologies
I help my clients integrate cybersecurity in their strategy

– Status: President at Laxdaela Technology and Chief Revenue Officer at Farsight Security

– Member since: November 2016

– Languages: English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

– My clients are: CxOs and Executives at public and private companies, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies looking to understand, investigate, or mitigate risks from darknet technologies.

– What I do: I provide strategic advice on cybersecurity and fight against cybercrime. I educate and train customers relating to the what, how, and where of the darknet or peer-to-peer technologies. I investigate, explore, and expose the various darknet technologies.

– How it helps: Darknets and peer-to-peer technologies are often associated with the most negative areas of the Internet. However, they are just technologies, and understanding them can lead to a reduction in fear of the unknown and a better assessment of their risks. Acquiring situational awareness and confidence in investigations is the first step towards mitigating the risks. Incorporating this understanding into the larger corporate picture helps build a successful cybersecurity strategy.

– My background: I have more than 30 years of global technology experience in a variety of domains, including information security, systems administration, and data management. My interest lies in the intersection of technology and humans. I’ve been a top executive at many high-growth start-up companies, such as TechTarget, The Tor Project, and now Farsight Security. He’s an advisor with military and intelligence agencies in the US and its Allies, most recently with the NSA, DHS, and Thorn Foundation. I’m a speaker and frequent media contact for conferences, invited speeches, with extensive television, written, and Internet-media press experience. Publications with EMCDDA and Fordham University Press. My most recent publication is with the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction on Tor and Links with Cryptomarkets. I’m the Treasurer for Emerge helping to stop domestic violence through counseling abusers, President of the Norfolk Aggie Parent Network, and Chairman of
Each One Teach One providing economic opportunity for women and girls through technology.
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Cybersecurity strategy consultant
I help companies and organizations to develop their cybersecurity governance and risk management programs in order to enable them to achieve a higher level of cyber preparedness

– Status: Consultant located in the Washington DC area; management consulting with regard to cybersecurity, cybercrime, privacy and information risk management; brand protection and anti-fraud programs.

– Member since:  October 2016

– Languages:  English, French, Chinese

– Geographic coverage: North America, Europe, and Asia

– My clients are: Corporate security, legal and risk management professionals of large and medium companies of various sectors (pharmaceutical, technology, online real estate platforms, nongovernment organizations, government contractors, etc.), operating in the United States and internationally with regard to brand protection and cybersecurity strategies.

– What I do:  I help companies and organizations assess and develop cybersecurity governance and risk management programs: provide strategic cybersecurity consulting, training and awareness for company executives and boards of directors, data privacy and information risk management, cybersecurity strategies and assessments, cybersecurity capacity building; brand protection strategies and anti-fraud investigations.

– How it helps:  Through my consulting work and assistance with regard to cybersecurity governance and risk management strategies, my clients are able to achieve a greater level of cyber preparedness and data protection that enables them to address the current rising threat. Companies and organizations have begun to realize that cyber-attacks are inevitable and a reality of our connected world. Cybersecurity programs must be agile enough to meet rapidly changing risks. Compliance with government mandates is not sufficient to prevent data breaches and cyber-attacks such as distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks or ransomware attacks– an acceptable level of security can only be achieved through risk- based strategies. In addition, due to my background in international law enforcement, I am able to assist my clients by building effective public-private partnerships and leveraging my international network of relationships to assist them in achieving Cybersecurity objectives.

– My background: Prior to starting LaMagna and Associates, a Cyber security and brand protection consultancy, I served as Director of Worldwide Anti-Piracy Investigations at Microsoft and later as Director of Worldwide Law Enforcement Training and Outreach for the Microsoft Legal Internet Safety Team. While there I developed and led very successful enforcement strategies and collaborative relationships by supporting U.S. and international law enforcement agencies, to include the FBI, the United States Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and INTERPOL.  I also led Microsoft’s Online Child Safety Strategy and was the primary contact with the National and International Centers for Missing and Exploited Children, the Internet Crimes against Children (ICAC) Task Forces and many foreign enforcement agencies. One of my primary roles was to manage a global law enforcement training program designed to develop Cybercrime investigative skills for foreign law enforcement officials. The program was sponsored by Microsoft and conducted jointly with INTERPOL and the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC). My recruitment by Microsoft in 1999 followed a 28-year U.S. federal law enforcement career that culminated as Deputy Chief of Intelligence, U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Headquarters. I also served as Director of Counternarcotics at the White House, National Security Council and as Section Chief, FBI HQ.  As a consultant, I have worked extensively with the world’s leading pharmaceutical and technology companies to address the online sale of counterfeit and diverted products as well as online fraud. My clients include Fortune 500 drug companies and high-tech companies, eBay, the CoStar Group, the Lafayette Group, the UN Office of Drug Control, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). I am a member of ISACA where I am a Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM) and a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) by the American Society of Industrial Security; a graduate of Gettysburg College (B.A) and Georgetown University (Master of Liberal Studies) Washington, D.C.

Network and security advisor
I help organizations in implementing reliable and secure infrastructures

– Status: Freelance network and security advisor. Network and security specialist at Mashhad municipality (since 2004). Network and security instructor at Udemy.

– Member since: September 2016

– Languages: English, Persian

-Geographic coverage: Iran

– My clients are: datacenter owners, governmental and private area companies

– What I do: providing network and security solutions

– How it helps: IT services are growing fast and many businesses depends on reliable and secure infrastructures. Having persistent services, nowadays, is a necessity.  I provide different solutions for best performance and secure networks. I also help organizations to implement ISO 27001 security standard.

– My background: I have 13 years of working experience in different fields of networking and security where I implemented different kinds of solutions for my clients, which evolved with the years. I am also a certified ISO 27001 (ISMS) Lead Auditor from IMQ Italy and help clients to implement this standard to have security triad in their infrastructures. Since 2015, I have been teaching network and security at Udemy online training system.


Technical and strategic cyber-security & privacy adviser
I provide 'hands-on' cyber-security consulting and advise governments on how to build a rounded cyber-security and privacy eco-system through regulation

– Status: PhD Candidate for Public Policy and Governance at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, studying the tension between security and privacy in cyberspace. I am also a Research Fellow at the cyber-security program of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS).

– Languages: English and Hebrew

– Geographic Coverage: International: Based in Jerusalem, Israel. Services are provided according to clients’ expectations.

– What I do: Technical and strategic cyber-security & privacy consulting per project according to network infrastructure and organizational needs. I also provide regulatory advisory for governments on how to provide market incentives and ‘smart’ regulation in order to increase the resilience of cyberspace.

– How it helps: The scale of the cyber-security and privacy problem is constantly increasing for the public and private sectors. Modern societies are heavily dependent upon a robust cyberspace as organizational operations, competitiveness, and efficiency are challenged by the acceleration in digital connectivity and cheap data storage solutions. The boost of information processed online requires better technical solutions that are oriented with organizational strategy. At the same time, governments have to adapt and intelligently regulate the cyber-security and privacy problem. States should both improve rather than undermine the information economy, while also assure that cyberspace is a reliable medium for business and social interactions. I provide consulting for both types of problems – at the organizational level I assist with hands-on cyber-security implementations while at the state level I establish regulatory frameworks based upon the role of the government as a cyberspace risk manager.

– My background: I am a computer and social scientist. I had completed my BA with honors in computer science at the Technion – Israel’s Institute of Technology. I served as a Captain in the Israeli Air Force (IAF) and led the cyber-security team protecting IAF’s operational infrastructures. In the private sector I served as a product manager for the NextNine cyber-security firm. At the government level, I joined Israel’s Prime Minister Office to establish its cyber-security unit through the management of technical hands-on projects. I completed my MA in public policy through the U.S. State Department Fulbright Scholarship and worked as a research fellow in U.S. Congress at the House of Representative’s Science and Technology Committee. I also served as a research assistant for former USAID Charmain in the studying of U.S. regulatory institutions. My desire to collaborate between public policy and technological challenges continues with my current PhD Thesis on the tension between security and privacy in cyberspace risk regulatory regimes. I was named Israel’s Ministry of Science scholar and built honeypots infrastructures for a research project to learn about the behavior of hackers in online systems. Currently, I also serve as a Research Fellow in the cyber-security program of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) and study the regulatory and industry challenges in Israel’s eco-system of cyberspace through collaborations with the Israeli government.

Investment and corporate adviser
I help business starters realise their dreams by accompanying them in various stages of their growth to scale quickly

– Status: CEO & Co-Founder of Cosmic Cafe (, a private investment and corporate advisory firm focused on helping startups in various stages of their growth to scale quickly.

– Member since: February 2017

– Languages: English, Chinese

– Geographic coverage: Global. Commutes between Fukuoka (Japan) and Singapore.

– My clients are: startup CEOs, COOs, General Counsels, Head of Talents who are looking to launch new businesses, enter new markets, make acquisitions, hire good talents and manage their relationships with external stakeholders.

– What I do: private investments and corporate advice

– How it helps: starting a business is hard. Most will fail. But because we all have dreams to build something of our own and to change the world, we want to help fellow dreamers like us realise their dreams. With more than 50 years of business experience between the founders of Cosmic Cafe, we believe we can make things happen for our fellow dreamers.

– My background: I started my career as an intellectual property and technology lawyer at Baker & McKenzie Hong Kong. I have also worked as an in-house counsel in Nokia, Louis Vuitton and eBay. After more than 20 years of working in the corporate world, in 2014 I co-founded a private investment and corporate advisory firm with my wife Devin TAN. We have been working with a  handful of startups in various stages of their growth to scale quickly.

Consultant on risk management with focus on cybersecurity
I help my clients integrate cybersecurity in their corporate governance and risk management strategy

– Status: Managing partner at PIBA SA, management consulting on risk management, strategy and corporate governance, with focus on cybersecurity.

– Member since: February 2017

– Languages: English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Singapore.

– My clients are: Senior executives and board members in large and medium companies of all sectors (industry and banks), operating in Asia and internationally, as well as governmental institutions.

— What I do: Providing strategic advice on risk management incl. cybersecurity. Assist in developing appropriate board policies.

– How it helps: I help my clients to integrate cybersecurity in their business strategy, whether they need cybersecurity or they provide cybersecurity products and services.

– My background: I am Professor Emeritus of The University of Michigan Ross School in Ann Arbor, MI USA and Consultant on the faculty of Banking and Finance, Nanyang Business School, Singapore. Parts of my academic career were spent at Stanford (USA), University of Texas, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Austria), St. Gallen (Switzerland) and Universität des Saarlandes (Germany) where I am still Honorary Professor. My research interests focus on risk management, international financial markets and corporate governance in the context of cybersecurity. Parallel to my academic career, I worked for extended periods with a number of multinational companies and government agencies, such as Dow Chemical, the US Department of Treasury, Texas Instruments, the Ministry of Finance ‐ FAIR in Tokyo and the Pacific Rim Bankers Program, Seattle, USA. I continue to serve on the Boards of Guinness/Atkinson, USA and until recently on several subsidiaries of Ally Financial (GMAC), Detroit and Toronto. I serve also on the board of several Foundations and Non-Profit organisations such as Juetting Foundation, Stendal Germany, Education Exchange Ltd, Singapore and on the Advisory council of WHU Vallendar, Germany.

Strategic Adviser in competitive intelligence and cybersecurity
I decipher strategical information to give you an advantage in the conduct of your business and in the development of your markets

– Statuts: Strategic Adviser in competitive intelligence and cybersecurity

– Member since: March 2017

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Neuilly/Seine, France.

– My clients are: International or local companies,

– What I do: strategic counselling, I provide training, audits, advice on: competitive intelligence, operational risk, security, cybersecurity and fraud,

– How it helps: I help my clients to collect, analyse and protect their information. Influences are also implemented if needed..

– My background: I have been a consultant since 2009. My activities include:

Planning and advice, Geo-economy and geostrategic stakes, operational approach

Decision –making support: monograph of company map ( actors, competitors, markets), own diligence, business development.

Strategic intelligence: business and competitive intelligence, strategic analysis, risk management, informative risk, crisis management, cybersecurity, knowledge management

Operation of Influence: E-reputation, negotiation, war of Information, strategy and communication of  influence and lobbying, strategical marketing

strategic adviser to international businesses on cybersecurity
Through a very interactive process, I assist my clients in designing and implementing a strategy to optimise performance

– Status: Founder & CEO at MCPE, independent consulting firm in cyber security, coaching, performance management, re-organizations.

– Member since:  February 2017

– Languages: Bilingual French, English, fluent in Italian

– Geographic coverage: Worldwide.

– My clients are: international enterprises, public sector organizations, NGO’s, start-ups.

– What I do: strategic hands on advice to international businesses on cyber security, crisis management, public sector, emerging markets, people management, and recruitment.

– How it helps: Following a diagnostic of the problems at hand and assessing the organization’s issues, I then establish action plans to achieve quick wins. This is done through good partnerships within the organizations, and working in a very interactive way with a hands on approach.

– My background: Wealth of experience having engaged across multiple territories, interfacing with governments and private leaders. I have the reputation of being a person able to ‘fix complex problems’. My career started at Sperry Computer Systems across multiple countries (France, Italy, UK, US) before moving to Matra Informatique as President in 1984. Following the acquisition of Matra Informatique by Datapoint, my last position was Datapoint’s Vice President Europe. I then joined Amdahl Corporation in 1992, my last position was President Amdahl Europe. In 1996 I joined Cisco and held various senior positions:

– Vice President Southern Europe including Germany and South Africa (1996 to 2003)
– Vice President Public Sector Europe Middle East and Africa (2003 to 2008)
– Vice President Emerging Central (Africa and Levant) (2008 to 2011)
– Vice President of Cisco’s global Cyber Security initiatives (2011 to 2014)

During my tenure at Cisco I served as Cisco’s Exec Sponsor to major organizations across the globe such as European Institutions, NATO, Australian Department of Human Services, Japanese Ministry of Health Welfare and Labor, Carrefour, Nestlé.

Consultant in cyber risk audit, cyber crisis management training and cyber/ IT loss adjusting
I provide advices to companies and organizations in order to set up their cybersecurity governance and some insurers to manage their client’s cybersecurity claims.

– Status: Expert/consultant located in Paris, consultant with regard to cyber risk audit, cyber crisis management training and cyber/ IT loss adjusting & claim management.

– Member since: June 2017

– Languages: French and English

– Geographic coverage: International based in Paris, France

– My clients are: Board members of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical device companies operating worlwide as well as insurance companies.

– What I do: I provide trainings, IT audits (validation of computerized systems and IT infrastructure or Quality System Management) and advices on operational risk, security, cybersecurity, fraud and on the new regulation about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

– How it helps: I help my clients

  • to set up a Governance (contract, Policy, SOPs,…),
  • to collect, analyze and protect their data hosted by the IT infrastructure and their computerized systems.
  • to implement Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), Business continuity Plan (BCP),
  • to manage change ,incident, problems and to provide back-up analysis
  • to prepare the board to manage a Crisis Analysis,
  • to audit theirs providers and suppliers,
  • to ensure that your activities are data integrity, GDPR and Pharmaceuticals regulation compliant
  • to manage the cyber-criminality risks and claims.

– My background: From 1990 to 2017, I held positions in Quality Management, Global Quality Auditing and Loss Adjustments. I audited IT infrastructures, worked on IT governance, participated in the validation of computerized systems, and in manufacturing preclinical and distribution process in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and medical devices companies worldwide. I also contributesd to the implementation on the 21CFR PART 11 regarding the electronic and signature data and the regulation on the data integrity and CNIL. I now manage cyber criminalities and IT claims in life science or insurance companies

Consultant in capacity building on CyberSecurity
I empower organizations to create IT roadmap in their organization and create awareness on cyber Security issues and policy making

– Status: Managing Director and CEO of OraTech Consulting Ltd, an IT Management and Cyber Security Company.

– Member since: March 2017

– Languages: English and Bengali

– Geographic coverage: Bangladesh

– My clients are: Private & public sectors

– What I do: I provide ICT Consultancy to create IT Road map for the organization; Consultancy on awareness building on Cyber Security and Policy advocacy; Suggesting and promoting Advanced Cyber Security product; IT Advisory services.

– My background:  I am currently the Managing Director and CEO of OraTech Consulting Ltd, an IT Management and Cyber Security Consultancy House, dedicated to provide ICT based Management Consultancy and specialized Advanced Cyber Security Consultancy and Products for the Bangladesh market.

I first studied and worked in England as a Certified Accountant for 15 years before I came back to Bangladesh to set up the first Software and Information Technology Company in 1989. I then became Managing Director of IBCS-PRIMAX Software (Bangladesh) Ltd, which is the pioneer and largest software and IT Company in Bangladesh. I co-founded the Software Association “Bangladesh association of Software and Information Services (BASIS)” and was elected Director for two terms. I worked for the promotion of the Bangladesh Software and Services industry locally and internationally. In addition, I am one of the promoters of the Digital Bangladesh concept announced by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

Strategic adviser in critical IT infrastructure
Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT issue, it is a critical business issue that requires a focus on integrating security into all aspects of your people and business processes

– Status: President and CEO of LANTIUM, a comprehensive cybersecurity services firm focused on the intersection of people, processes and technology.

– Member since: April 2017

– Languages: Mandarin and English

– Geographic coverage: Serving organizations around the world. Based in both the United States of America and Singapore

– My clients are: We create custom information resiliency engineering solutions to help large and medium organizations in all industries meet the demands of today’s data-driven business. Specifically, we are focused on the Southeast Asian market and their internet service providers, financial institutions, media groups, private and government sector.

– What I do: As cyber threats evolve in sophistication, so must the defenses of companies starting with its people. I provide the strategic consulting, training and education necessary to safeguard an organization’s critical IT infrastructure, as well as manage, recommend and maintain a full range of technology services to optimize operations.

– How it helps: Today’s data-driven organizations face high security risks. A balanced cybersecurity perspective is essential to ensure long-term resiliency, protection of vital data, as well as find ways to avoid unnecessary downtime, and ensure compliance. I help to evaluate an organization’s cyber presence and reduce its risk of a security breach, lawsuits, and downtime.

– My background: I am an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. Since inception (1999) I have served as LANTIUM’s President and CEO focused on Cybersecurity and delivering custom IT solutions to difficult business problems.  LANTIUM began as a managed IT and consulting services firm, but we expanded our services to offer expertise in cybersecurity policy, mitigation, consultation and corporate training around the globe.  We are different because we work with specialists with real-world expertise serving in the NSA, U.S. Cyber Command, DoD, Special Operations, defense and private industries to help our clients protect their systems and to streamline their technology.  I am a graduate of Villanova University and hold multiple technical certifications.

Experienced CIO and Independent consultant in IT
I advise my clients on how to integrate cyber-security into their IT service strategy and management

– Status: Independent consultant in IT and Experienced CIO

– Member since: May 2017

– Languages: French, Dutch, English and German

– Geographical coverage: Benelux and France, based in Brussels

– My clients are: Public and private sector, large or middle-sized companies in Energy and Utilities, Financial Services and Manufacturing, C-level and board management, start-ups

– What I do: I advise my clients on IT Strategy and Organisation, Service Management, e-Business and Digital Transformation, Program/Project Management, Cyber-risk assessment and management, Business Continuity planning.

– How it helps: By providing my clients with Purpose, Direction and Focus, we can stimulate personal and team excellence in IT and cyber-security.
One of the key success factors will be to identify the important parts of the business processes and assets in order to develop and justify consistent action plans. Creating this context increases your chances of transforming something complex into something easily understandable. Through this, you stimulate people at all company levels for better results, behaviours and values in a more complex business world.

– My background: I have a solid experience as a Senior Executive (C-Level) in leadership roles in various industry sectors and large companies in Energy, Utilities, Telecom, Financial Services and Professional Services.

My expertise spans from ICT strategic planning, programme management to Business/IT governance and organisation, industry and digital transformation, business development in professional services.

I am a member of the ISACA – Belgium Chapter (International IS professionals association) sharing knowledge in IT best practices and certifications in IT.

I was CIO and a member of the Management Committee of a Grid Operator in Belgium (2400 people, 3 M customers,  €1B turnover ). Next to this position, I was also a member of the Board of Directors of a call centre operating in Belgium as well as an IT service provider for the utility sector in metering and data management.

Prior to this position, I was a Top Executive and CDO in charge of e-Business at Electrabel, hold by the GDF Suez, now Engie. I was also an Associate Director at PwC Management Consulting and Head of the e-Business consultancy as an integrated service line with the audit, legal and tax practices.

I hold a Master Degree in business and financial management, which I complemented with General Management Education at Solvay Brussels School, at the  IMD Lausanne and at the INSEAD (Center for Executive Development – Fontainebleau) and dedicated CIO and CISO executive programs at Oxford Saïd Business School and Solvay Brussels School. I am also certified in ITIL and in Prince 2.

I am fluent in French, Dutch, English and German.

Chief Operating Officer, CyberSecurity
Together We Achieve More

– Status: Chief Operating Officer, CyberSecurity Malaysia

– Language(s):  English

Geographic coverage: I am currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our geographic coverage includes the Asia Pacific and the OIC countries.

– My clients are: Public and private companies.

– What I do: I provide the following services:
– Cyber Security Consultancy
– Cyber Security Training and Professional Certification
– ICT Products Security Assessment, Evaluation and Certification (ISO/IEC 15408)
– Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification (ISO/IEC 27001)
– Data Sanitization and Data Recovery
– Digital Forensics Services
– Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test

– How it helps: In delivering the services, we understand that there cannot be a single solution that could fit all and solve every problem. Therefore, we treat each case uniquely and with practicality to find creative solutions to solve the problem. Together with our experts and experienced professionals, we will able to help our clients to overcome their cyber related problems and empower our clients on cyber security knowledge.

– My Background: Dr Zahri Yunos is currently the Chief Operating Officer of CyberSecurity Malaysia. Zahri joined CyberSecurity Malaysia in year 2001 (it was known as NISER then). Prior to joining CyberSecurity Malaysia, Zahri has served the Government of Malaysia as well as other private organisations. Zahri is a certified Associate Business Continuity Professional by the Disaster Recovery Institute International, USA and has been awarded Senior Information Security Professional by the (ISC)2, USA. Zahri also has contributed various publications and presented papers on topics related to cyber security, cyber terrorism and business continuity management.

Zahri expertise and experience has been critical in establishing and sustaining the nation’s prominence in cyber security, particularly in the Asia Pacific and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries. Indeed, Zahri was a central figure in the establishment of the OIC Computer Emergency Response Team (OIC-CERT), a collaborative effort of CERTs amongst the OIC countries. Zahri was actively involved in the establishment of NISER (National ICT Security and Emergency Response Centre)’s Panel of Experts (POE) and implementation of the National Cyber Security Policy, which boosted Malaysia’s international image in cyber security.

consultant in digital forensic investigation and cybercrime
I help build organizational and technical prerequisites in dealing with high tech crime

Status: CEO at INsig2, education and consulting in cybersecurity, cybercrime and digital forensic investigations

– Member since: June 2017

– Language: Croatian, English

– Geographical coverage: International, based in Croatia

– My clients are: law enforcement agencies, police academies, judicial academies, CERTs, large companies

– What I do: I provide consultancy and training on a wide range of subjects related to cybercrime and digital forensic investigations.

– How it helps: with lot of experience in cybersecurity, cybercrime and digital forensics, I can help my clients build organizational and technical prerequisites in dealing with high tech crime.

My background: From the start of my carrier, I have been interested in issues related to information security, both from consulting and technology perspectives. In recent years, I have widened my area of interest to physical security, but also to the organizational and the technological perspective of integration between logical and physical security.

Since 2004, I have been managing director at INsig2, leading European company in the field of digital forensics. Also, I have been very active in conferences and seminars all over the world teaching both legal and technological perspective of digital forensics.

I hold a CPP certificate by ASIS international since 2008 and CISM certificate by ISACA since 2010.

Researcher in child safety online
I conduct research and provide legal advice on child safety online

– Status: Researcher in child safety online

– Member Since: October 2017

– Languages: English, French, Greek

– Geographic Coverage: International

– My Clients are: NGOs

– What I do: I conduct research and draft legal studies on child safety online issues, with more focus on online child sexual abuse and exploitation.

– How it helps: In the context of child sexual abuse and exploitation, NGOs design and implement programmes which aim at strengthening the protection of children against sexual abuse and exploitation in different countries in the world. Research studies, as part of these programmes, often provide an overview of the issue, present the international and national legal framework, while identifying gaps in addressing child sexual abuse and exploitation by local authorities and actors, as well as best practices. Research studies also provide guidance and recommendations for countries to formulate or improve their national response, and for specific stakeholders to take necessary action.

– My background: Graduate of Masters in Criminal Law and of University Diploma on “Cybercrime: Law, Information security, Computer Forensics and Electronic Investigation” at the University of Montpellier (France), I am currently PhD student in the area of online child sexual abuse and exploitation at the same university. I work as consultant in NGOs. I have also worked as intern at the Council of Europe’s Cybercrime Division and at Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3).

consultant in cybersecurity scorecard and risk management
I help my clients to align the cybersecurity needs with their business needs and constraints

– Status: Founder and Managing Director at Lineon, strategic consulting on cybersecurity and R&D director and working specifically on cybersecurity scorecard and risk management.

– Member since:  June 2017

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: Large companies of all sectors (industry, oil & gas, defense, bank and insurance), operating in France, Europe and internationally.

– What I do: I provide awareness and advices mainly on: cybersecurity governance and strategy, cybersecurity risk financial exposure assessment, data privacy governance and management, cybersecurity incident detection (SOC with SIEM or Big Data Analytics) and business continuity and recovery.

– How it helps: I help my clients to align the cybersecurity needs with their business needs and constraints by:

  • Identifying their cybersecurity needs,
  • Designing, implementing and managing their protection,
  • Designing, implementing and managing their cybersecurity incident detection and response
  • Designing, implementing and testing their business continuity and recovery.

– My background: From 1994 to 1997, I held a position as security and safety auditor for industrial environment then I move in various IT companies where I was in charge of IT support and project management for industrial clients. I have been working in cybersecurity since 2000 and exploring all the field’s competencies like audit, architecture design, SOC implementation and operation and cybersecurity consulting. With two partners, we set up Lineon in 2011. Aside from my managing and consulting activities, I participate in workgroups and seminaries within the CLUSIF and the IRT SystemX.


consultant in technology sourcing&scouting
I assist companies in their digital transformation. security and protection of infrastructure, software, and data

– Status: Director of Transversal

– Member since: December 2017

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: National companies from TPE/PME/ETI to larger sized International Companies

– What I do: technology sourcing & scouting – audit – GDPR Compliance – training

– How it helps: We assist companies in their digital transformation as well as their security and protection of infrastructure, software, and data. Our team of consultants helps in securing their systems to be in compliance but also to limit the risk of malicious attacks. We offer Cyber classes held by Top Professional Speakers exeprienced in Civil and Military Security for companies and Schools.

– My background:
Education : Engineer, graduated from the EPF (Ecole Polytechnique Féminine), specialized in Information Systems Management.  Masters degree in Marketing from HEC. MBA in Cybersafety and counterterrorism from Ecole de Guerre Economique.
Career: I started my career as a developer on complex front and back office systems in the banking sector (JP Morgan, BNP) in Paris and New York. Rapidly solicited by Start-Ups, I evolved towards Project Manager and Business Engineer positions and worked with key accounts on their international development (L’Oréal, Clarins, GDF, Nespresso ..). I opened my agency of technological watch in 2015 (now Kobalt Consultants).
Other: President of Cercle Israel at Ecole de Guerre Economique.

Attorney and Investigative Consultant
I guide clients through the maze of regulation so that they can benefit from all the great things that can be done through modern technology

– Status: Attorney and Investigative Consultant

– Member since: July 2017

– Languages: English

– Geographic Coverage: International. Local is Considered U.S.A. and Eastern Canada.

– My clients are: Mostly U.S. based businesses or foreign entities doing business in the U.S.

– What I do: I provide legal advice through my law firm on privacy, cyberlaw, electronic discovery and related items. Through my consulting, we can provide direct services for electronic discovery, data intelligence, privacy compliance and cybersecurity.

– How it helps: Doing business in a world where almost everything is done through computer networks has both benefits and drawbacks. We concentrate on guiding clients through the maze of regulation so that they can benefit from all the great things that can be done through modern technology. Our focus is on Privacy, Electronic Discovery and Cybercrime prevention and redress.

My background: I have over 20 years of experience, including being a prosecutor for over 8 years, I handled hundreds of cases successfully, where I was concentrating in those cases involving cybercrime and/or digital evidence. During this time I opened my law practice and operated a digital forensics and e-discovery consultancy. In 2005, I was named as an Associate Professor within the Business & Economics Department as California University of Pennsylvania. There, I instruct on all aspects of business law, especially as they relate to the areas of privacy, cybercrime and information law. A few years ago, I also began teaching in the University of Central Florida’s Masters in Digital Forensics program. During my career, I have trained and advised governments, law enforcement, lawyers, consultants and companies on various topics both domestically and abroad.

Expert in Negotiation and Crisis management
We support our clients with their security strategy and crisis management

– Status: CEO of Caupenne Conseil / CEO of PARCS (software development) / CEO of Tiresias (security safety software development)

– Member since : Founding member

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: Large and medium companies of all sectors and public institutions in France, Europe and all over the word.

– What I do: Expert in Negotiation, Mediation, Security and Safety, Crisis management, Human issues
Complex negotiations : business negotiations, hostage-taking negotiations, economic blackmail and attempted extortion, damage to the image…
Conflicts management : social conflicts, internal leader team’s conflicts, uncivil behaviour management, management of person in crisis (suicidal situation)…
Performance and optimization of potential : stressing situation management, leadership reinforcement, influencing decisions, social engineering, prevention and management of psychosocial risks.
Judicial expertise : criminal proceeding, litigation process…
Security/Safety : on-site, procedures and IT systems audits, important person’s protection, counterfeiting, sites protection, crowd control…
Crisis management : monitoring process, organization and nomenclature of crisis units – crisis monitoring, dysfunctions of decision making, management of team under stress, leadership control, trust reinforcement…

– How it helps: we support our customers with personalized advices in Crisis Management, Communication and Complex Negotiations, tailored audits regarding security, safety organization and all the associated processes of Crisis Management, and trainings.

– My background: From 2000 :Working for the Special Operations tactical unit of the French National Police (RAID) as a Police Commander, “Crisis Handling/management and negotiation” group leader and National Coordinator of the negotiators of the French National Police. Participation in training courses for the negotiators of the French Criminal Investigation Brigade. Founder member and expert to the INWG (International Work Group of Negotiation – FBI/CN since 2000), in touch with all the Heads of negotiation units from the 50 most advanced countries in this field. Former expert to EUROPOL and to the ATLAS network (association consisting in the special police units of the 27 states of the European Union).

Strategic consulting. Awareness Programs. Advisory to start-ups.
I help executives understand and integrate Cyber Security into their business

– Status: Co-Founder and CTO of Securitude Cyber Solutions, a boutique consulting firm based in Paris, France

– Member since:  October, 2017

– Languages: English, Hebrew.

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: Executives of Large and mid-size enterprises, as well as young start-ups, in need of strategic counselling regarding their long term plan for integrating cyber security in their daily operations, and help with raising cyber security awareness amongst their staff members.

– What I do: I translate business needs into technical cyber security specifications and long term plans, and translate complex technical concepts into terms executives and staff members can understand.

– How it helps: Cyber Security has become an integral part of business decisions made by executives and board members on a daily basis. However, in order to make sound decisions, you need an expert by your side that can make sure you understand all the important, necessary and relevant details, while allowing you to ignore the hype.

– My background: Before co-founding Securitude Cyber Solutions in 2016, I was the Senior Information Security Specialist at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Head of Security Intelligence for the Israel E-Gov agency, and Head of Information Security Audits for Aman, a leading Israeli consulting firm. I hold a BA in Computer Science from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Hertzlya, Israel and an MBA from the International School of Management (ISM) in Paris, France. My thesis was on the ways to better write, implement and enforce organizational policies. I am also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery Plan consultant
If There’s something strange in your cyberhood Who you wanna call? Risksbusters!! I ain’t afraid of no robb’s

– Status: Consulting in Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery Plan.

– Member since: December 2017

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris.

– My clients are: mostly big financial companies and public institutions.

– What I do: As “Risksbuster”, I am an Operational Security Manager. I provide security auditing and penetration testing. I manage authentication process, Data Leak Prevention…

– How it helps: with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of network control, disaster recovery and crisis management, I help my clients to cope with all new cyber regulations and threats.

– My background: After graduating from the INSA (Institut National des Siences Appliquées – 1984) as network expert, I held managerial positions in several telecom companies. In the years 1997-2000, as program director, I helped built the core of the Information System of Orange mobile phone company. From 2000 to 2002, I ran the €uro program for FTRSI (France Telecom Networks and International Systems). After 11/11/2001 I was called by the ABN AMRO Bank company to elaborate a real and effective Business Recovery and Crisis Management Plan. I spent 3 years to elaborate this effective plan and then, from 2006 to 2011, I worked for the main French Bank institutions to elaborate adapted BRP. From 2012 to 2015, I spent 4 years in Indonesia developing web and tablet applications for resorts and tourism organizations.From 2016 to 02/2017, I attended many cybersecurity trainings related to security providers such as Radware, Qualis Expert-Line…Since 03/2017, I have been working as Operational Security Manager for the Société Générale in Paris.